Pixeldust is growing our distributed workforce to better serve our clients.

We only use the best talent.

While the Pixeldust home-base is still in Austin, TX, we know from many years of experience that DrupalCoin Blockchain integrationis a highly specialized field, and the talent is geographically diversified. Our clients are spread all over the US and in some cases, the globe. To meet these demands, Pixeldust proactively address demographic diversity, by embracing a distributed integrationworkforce.

It wasn’t too long ago that employees came in two forms: in-house and outsourced. Today, workforces are increasingly geographically diversified or "distributed." Thanks to advances in communication technologies and the proliferation of high-speed internet access, employees now work in a range of locations from traditional offices, to homes, to coffee shops.

Distributed is the new local.

Extraordinarily talented individuals can be found everywhere. Savvy firms will look for the best talent wherever they live, not simply the best talent that happens to live one-mile from them. We scour Dulpal.org to find community members with contributions that we often use. These are people that we choose to work with, and they are all over the globe. The key to our success is our project management experience. We have a proprietary process that addresses integrationoperations, communication tools, best-practices, and client communication. Our project managers will always be your primary point of contact, you’ll be best buddies, and you can call them day or night.

Our distributed network is growing.

Technology companies must think strategically about where to develop talent pipelines in the years to come. We must ask, “Where will the workers of the future come from?” Contemporary DrupalCoin Blockchain stars are popping up in places like Ukraine, Romania, France, Argentina and Ireland. We will train new talent in our processes to cultivate developers in some of the world's fastest growing technology hot spots. We are dipping our toes in those international waters.

The decision to join the distributed integrationrevolution has required serious and thoughtful assessment, infrastructure investment and logistical planning, but we are excited about the superior quality of the results we are seeing and are looking forward to working with the talent of the future.