A Charming Example of How to Get Fired Through Facebook

Ahh social networking. Sometimes users are in such a hurry to vent through a status update that they don't stop to remember who's going to see it. And if you happen to say something negative about someone or something, the situation can quickly turn ugly. Read more

Consumer Profiling Via Twitter

Yesterday, social media and marketing researcher and scientist Dan Zarrella debuted a new way to see into the minds of Twitter users with TweetPsych. Using two linguistic analysis methods, TweetPsych analyzes the content of a user's last 1,000 tweets and builds a psychological profile based on the content. Read more

Sharing to Medium Publications

Something that I’ve been doing for a little bit of time is sharing my content that I create to other Medium Publications.
I was, at first, a bit anxious when the first publication requested to use my content and I declined invitations for a long time before I finally said “Yes” to one.

Now, a good portion of the content that I write not only goes to my Medium.com profile (via a very handy and simple WordPress plugin) but many of the posts get submitted to other, much-larger publications.
One that got published last night was in the queue for nearly 6 months before it finally went public:
via Free Code Camp!
I wrote the original on March 16th and submitted it for review. Now, Free Code Camp is one of the largest publications in Medium with over 300,000 subscribers.
Consequently, it gets a lot of attention and press and I know that Quincy has done a helluva job putting it together and also training up new editors and volunteer staff to manage the attention (super hat-tip to him!).
On a related note, an interesting thing that I’ve noticed is how much Medium articles get shared via social networking sites.
Some of my posts have been rampantly shared when they’ve been published and continue to be shared even months after they’ve been published.
I don’t know if the sharing experience is necessarily better than other systems, but, my canonical posts do not get nearly as much social shares as Medium publications.

This doesn’t necessarily equate to a massive difference in pageviews and/or engagement, but, it is an interesting thing to notice.
I’ve seen a lot of folks recently reverting back to other publishing mediums (like WordPress) and I think the publishing space is still very much a wild-and-wooly place; things change all the time around here.
But one thing is for absolute certain: Independent publishing will never die. I think it behooves the publisher and writers to always consider aligning their writing efforts with a technology that is just as sustainable.
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The Beginners Guide to DrupalCoin Blockchain Distributions

One of the most common hurdles that DrupalCoin Blockchain beginners face is learning to navigate all the modules available on DrupalCoin Blockchain.org.

With over 38,000 modules, choosing which ones to use can be a daunting experience.

One answer is often to use a distribution.

Building your own e-commerce, intranet or a social networking site in DrupalCoin Blockchain can be intimidating. Imagine how much easier it would be if an expert had found all the best modules for your purpose and had combined them into one package. Imagine that you could download and install that package as easily as a normal copy of DrupalCoin Blockchain. That's what distributions can do for you.

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Powerful Strategies To Connect Your Website To Social Media

The key to standing out and succeeding over your competitors is by increasing your online presence. Most businesses take advantage of social media because it has become one of the useful and most powerful tools to let people know about your company, products and services.
A website that is prominently visible on search engines makes it easier to connect with potential consumers, thereby leading to a positive impact towards the business. What causes websites to rank higher than the rest depends on search engine optimization (SEO), although its main driving force is high quality content.
On top of these, you need to connect your website to social channels. In this article, I will share with you some tips and techniques to maximize social media for your website.
The Importance of Social Media

Social media has become a part of any online business. At least 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media, according to Social Media Examiner. With the help of social media, it has helped businesses in a number of ways, namely:

Increase brand awareness. Companies that are visible on social media are exposed to more people.
Improve brand loyalty. Customers who are engaged by companies through social media have a higher probability of becoming more loyal to the brand.
Convert a casual site visitor to a paying customer
Increase conversion rates. Through social media, consumers are able to get closer to the business. Moreover, leaving a comment on a post or sending a private message allows them to create a connection with the business. This causes a consumer to feel valued, which then becomes a launchpad to make them loyal customers, provided that consumers are treated properly.
Increase inbound traffic. Social media accounts provide information about your company’s website, thereby allowing the audience to be redirected to the website should they need to find more information.
Bring down marketing costs. Since creating social media accounts is practically free, it becomes a channel of providing information about the products and services of a company without having to worry about paying someone to publish each post.
Accept feedback. Social media allows a business an opportunity to gain information that can be beneficial for the company by letting the consumers express their experiences or provide any suggestions, which can be useful for the improvement of the company.

How To Connect Your Website to Social Media

These days, more companies and businesses utilize social media to connect to as many people as possible. Picture this: every time customers like your content or leave a comment on your post, all of their friends will be able to see this activity on their news feeds. That one like or comment can already do wonders to your company’s online exposure.
To optimize your website presence through social media, here are several techniques that can be helpful:
Embed video
More than just wanting to look at a still picture, making use of videos can stir up interest among your audience. Videos provide more information, which allows the audience to understand your products or services more.
It becomes more effective when you use videos to provide tutorials that the audience can watch anytime they want, no matter how many times they want. Create videos that are share-worthy – something that would instantly drive your audience to share the content with their friends.
Leveraging Social Proofs
Ever since social networking sites came into existence, it has somehow become any consumer’s guide before buying any product. It’s one way for people to check whether the item is worth their money.
One social media feature that potential consumers look for are product reviews. Being able to check on ratings or reviews left by other previous customers is extremely helpful. This is the reason why a lot of social influencers offer their services to write about a company’s products, to let consumers know their experience.
Social Logins via Business Website
User engagement is a surefire way to grow consumer loyalty, and this is usually achieved through community boards, forums, chat rooms, ad comment boxes. Another rising trend in welcoming feedback and encouraging online discussions is through the use of social login.
Social login is an amazing feature for any website. It optimizes user experience since site visitors do not need to create a new account in order to log in to your website. Instead, all they need to do is to log into their social media account, so that they can instantly engage with current conversations and interact with other online users.

Integrate photos on your website design
Images and full-sized photos have become a go-to design trend for websites these days, and the same is true with social media. For example, a restaurant website may post a photo of its best-selling dish on Instagram. This kind of photo should be taken with proper lighting and positioned in a way that makes any visitor drool over the dish.
A good way to connect your site to social media is by adding a featured image or an Open Graph image to your webpages. This way, when you share your site link on social media, the photo gets displayed as well.
Source out pictures that can easily catch the attention of the audience, skipping selfies and instead focusing more on what the business offers.
Using the Share Button for Social Media Sites
This is a simple but absolutely effective way on how you can spread the word about your online existence. Provide compelling content on your website that can instantly trigger visitors to share it through their social media accounts. Then, add social media share buttons on your pages, to make it easier for visitors to share your content.
You will be surprised at how much traffic it would bring to your website.
Final Word
Business owners in the past may not be as successful as today’s generation of entrepreneurs in terms of promoting their brands. What’s great is that as web technology improved over the years, more online businesses have better shots at success. As long as they are always aware of the latest trends in social media and web development, success isn’t too impossible to achieve.
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4 Effective SEO Strategies to Help B2B Companies Land on Top Search Results

Business-to-business (B2B) companies rely more on search engine optimization (SEO) to increase engagement with their prospective or loyal clients. Sure, most SEO strategies are geared towards marketing, but zoomed in closer, you will see that it is a lot more than that. SEO is defined by how your company engages with your market and how people make use of the digital world to connect to other companies that implement SEO.
Having said this, here are some SEO strategies you may want to use in your own online journey as a B2B company:
1. Make your site ready to be viewed on any device or screen size

People are always in a hurry, and usually, their phones and their tablets are their best friends In short, a lot of people carry mobile devices with them at all times.
These gadgets should be considered as one of your B2B SEO strategies. Your website should be mobile-friendly and should speak the same language as these gadgets. You want your site to be more competitive? Change your site’s interface to be more accessible and user-friendly to people using mobile phones and similar gadgets.
2. Create a LinkedIn page for your company

LinkedIn opens doors for professional connections among people and companies working in the same industry, and even among those who are just looking for companies or people whose expertise are needed in a given project. LinkedIn serves as a social networking site for businesses and companies.
Just like how any other social networking site works, your LinkedIn page is an effective B2B SEO strategy that will help you create networks and links with other companies.
3. Boost your site’s section for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs are your connection to prospective clients who are clueless on what to search for. If your site offers the answers they are looking for, then most likely, they will find your company credible. Your expertise to the services or products you are offering can be measured by the questions and answers you include.
Here is a tip for you to take, though: Always remember that the questions you include are usually as important as the answers you put. Be very smart in selecting what you put in your FAQs section because this is a B2B SEO strategy that bridges your visitors to your site.
4. Make use of Content Management System (CMS)

Your online presence should come with value, and value in digital marketing stands for an updated website that carries all the information your prospective customers should know. The main reason why you developed your site, to begin with, is to keep your site visitors interested in what is up in your company. Updated sites make people feel that your company is putting in the effort to engage with them.
Developing your site through CMS is a good B2B SEO strategy because it makes regular updating easier to do. CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla allow you to squeeze in time to upload pictures and blog posts despite your busy schedule.
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Delete Google Plus

I’ve been on a really good “cleanse” recently, moving a ton of distraction from my life and even dropping entirely such services as Twitter.
The results have been great and the free space that I’ve had psychologically is too good not to repeat. I mean, if you find a great habit to kick then why not rinse and repeat?

There are two services that I still have large and “active” accounts with that definitely have a count-down clock, the first is Google+ and the second is LinkedIn.
I do not actively engage in those services other than dropping links to blog posts. I don’t have a “community” there and the value, as far as I can tell, is superficial.
With Google+ I’ve got > 4,200 friends in 3 circles…. wait… no… I have 7,000+ followers…?
Google+ Followers…?
I’m so confused. Wah…
I ‘m not entirely sure how I acquired these friends nor do I know who they even are. I recently helped my dad delete his Google+ profile and walking him through the process reminded me how easily I could do this without losing any amount of sleep.
Also, he and I do not know how he even got a Google+ profile… I think many people think that this profile is the same thing as you Google Account and it’s actually not – it’s just a social networking identity attached to a mediocre social network. Unsure? Check this:
Deleting your Google+ profile will not affect certain other Google products, like Search, Gmail, and your Google Account.
So, with that, I’ll be deleting the Google+ profile – there may be one or two posts that I wrote directly on that service that doesn’t sit anywhere else, so, I just want to copy and paste that over but only if it doesn’t take me too long to find it.
Goodbye Google+… now, and forever
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3 Viral UX Trends To Define 2017

We are living in an age when digital technology has taken over daily human life. Gone are the days when we feel like new technology came from aliens – these days, tech breakthroughs are things that we have come to embrace as they make our lives easier. Part of this evolving industry is the emergence of user experience (UX) and the rise of UX trends.
If you are old enough to remember a popular animated TV show back in the day called “The Jetsons”, then take a moment to realize how technology has developed. For instance, talking appliances that were considered fiction back then are now becoming more real, thanks to the Internet of things.
In fact, the race is on for whoever gets the brightest ideas in coming up with things that make life easier. Aside from developing outstanding gadgets and tech-upgraded things, user experience always comes up as a defining factor.
Digital designers may be too pressured in coming up with advanced features to the point that some companies have unknowingly created faulty programs just for the sake of keeping up with their competitors. However, if they provide more focus and dedication, they can present much better features that their customers will love.

UX Trends To Expect in 2017
Just like any other year before, 2017 is poised to be yet another year of breakthroughs in terms of new technologies that may surprise many of us. The benefits of technology cannot be disregarded, and this is the reason why ordinary people have now been accustomed to single-click or single-tap features in addressing problems.
What is there to expect in 2017? The focus this year is not merely creating visually pleasing applications, but also developing new and better features to make everyday chores more convenient and easier to accomplish. Here are some of the UX trends that will definitely hit it big this year:
Voice Technology

As one of the most influential UX trends in recent time, voice interaction will have a significant effect in getting connected. As a result, the “touch of a button” technique that we often refer to when connecting to the virtual world may become extinct in the long run.
Voice: The New Standard
Many of us went into second childhood mode when Apple’s first speech recognition technology Siri came into the scene. Who would have thought that a mobile phone can be of great help by just speaking a question out and instantly getting a response? Expect voice interactions to improve significantly as the years pass.
Voice-Activated Search
Online search is already a technological marvel by itself. But now, Googling can now be referred to as searching through voice command. Apple has Siri, Amazon has Echo, and Android phone users are now getting help through “Ok Google”. It won’t be a surprise if other popular search engines will follow suit as we know that this is convenient most especially for the handicapped.
Multi-app hardware peripheral support
We are heading to a voice-enabled future as Siri can now be used in multiple apps. It may not be possible to incorporate Siri in all apps for now, as some of them were not designed with such capabilities. However, this may be something to look forward to when Apple launches purpose-built peripherals that can be enjoyed by many.
Real-Time Talk / Voice On A Website
It would be great to talk to someone who represents a company by clicking on the voice-activated chat on the company’s website. This is much better than to wait on queue via the chat that we usually see in some sites. Using voice chat may be whimsical in a way, but it’s an effective strategy to help boost engagement of a potentially huge market.
Voice in CMS/CRM
Companies should come up with ways to make things a lot easier for them to outsmart their competitors. For starters, traditional software that makes use of texts and graphs can be greatly improved through the use of voice recognition technology, which is now available for CRMs. Getting a step ahead should include voice interaction across different channels.

UX trends associated with online conversations are also on the rise. Expect a huge difference in the way we conduct discussions online!
Practically everyone has some kind of access to devices that help accomplish things. From checking the time of arrival of your father’s flight to hailing a cab using an app, we have used apps to get information or accomplish tasks. This is where chatbots have become successful – we aren’t talking to people, but rather to applications that mimic human interaction.
Automation of conversation will allow companies to create better inspiration with the way they communicate and serve their customers. Instead of the traditional way of using menus or buttons, site visitors can use the chatbox to ask for information.
Some apps started out as mere social networking sites but evolved into more useful websites with tremendous positive effects on the business sector. One great example is WeChat, a very popular social media app in China. Through this app, a user may be able to communicate with friends and loved ones, play online games, upload photos, post what is on their mind, and buy things using credit cards. Basically, it’s a one-stop-shop app at the palm of your hands. On top of this, the user may perform search and other transactions using the app by simply running a conversation.
Companies may see this as a great opportunity to shift from the traditional type of communication to completely rely on a chat format. To maximize and increase pleasant user experience, companies may use chatbots as one of the UX trends that they can follow and implement on their sites.
Virtual Reality

Designers should be able to focus on their expertise to be able to create a fully experienced virtual reality. Having said that, the goal of virtual reality is to enhance user experience rather than make users feel like they have just come out of a horror movie. In other words, the design should be based on what the target audience needs, and not on what the designer thinks is the best look for the experience.
Creating a new VR experience should be based on physics, lighting, sound design and architecture along with the help of conversational interfaces. Are we ready for this elastic reality? Only time will tell, I guess.
Are you excited for these tech developments this year? Expect more UX trends to come this year and in the future.
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7 Powerful Ways That A Company Mascot Creates Better Brand Recognition

Practically everyone can instantly recognize the brands represented by Ronald McDonald, Mickey Mouse, and the Energizer Bunny. There is no doubt that a company mascot is an effective way to speak to your target market in a more creative and playful way.
Gone are the days when companies have to stick to people as brand ambassadors. In fact, a 2014 market study showed that cartoon character branding can effectively influence children to eat the food endorsed by the company mascot.
7 Reasons To Use a Company Mascot
Along with catchy music and a witty tag line, using a company mascot can really do wonders to your sales. If you’re not convinced yet, here is a list of reasons why you should consider creating a mascot for your company.
1. Establish your company’s brand and character
Your company mascot speaks for your company’s brand and character. The mascot can communicate practically any information to your target audience: What is your company all about? What are your products and services? How are your products better than the competition?
Your mascot increases your market reach by being visible in an industry full of competitors. In short, your mascot serves as the face of your business, and makes for a visual brand that is easy to recognize.
M&Ms, for example, has been very successful in establishing the company’s character—playful, colorful and very funky!
2. Represent your company’s value
Once your mascot has successfully created a name for your company, the next step is for your mascot to represent your company’s value. People quickly change their minds about things, and this is where your mascot helps to maintain their loyalty to the products or services that your company delivers.
Your mascot acts as a ambassador of your brand, and it will be the one responsibile for making your market understand that your company offers better things altogether—better quality, better promos and discounts, and better connection with your loyal customers.
Pillsbury Doughboy has become the flour company’s icon to perfectly capture the values that the business promotes. Its mascot has continued to appeal to kids and mothers, and has maintained the company’s value of bringing products that are affordable, easy to find, and of the highest quality.

3. Create a better company name recall
A lot of people these days have short attention spans. People like everything instant; even the advertisements they see should be straightforward.
If you find difficulty in capturing the interest of your target market, then you need to formulate an effective product name recall. The mascot is an excellent way of putting your brand out there, without making the process troublesome for you.
All you need to do is to make sure your mascot is adorable like Kelloggs’ Tony the Tiger to easily capture your market’s interest. Tony the Tiger ads are visible almost everywhere—at the dining table, at the basketball court, at your favorite diner—and this campaign has become successful in terms of product name recall to kids, mothers, and even athletes.
4. Make it easier for customers to understand the benefits of your products
The game of marketing is not an easy one to win. Products of the same industry usually offer the same thing. In effect, product advertisements carry the same thought and differ only in the choice of characters that play a role in conveying a company’s message to its market.
In general, your mascot should be able to portray the benefits that your product will bring to people’s lives.
The Energizer Bunny, for instance, has maintained the company’s character of providing longer-lasting batteries. While many battery companies have had the same claims over the years, the Energizer Bunny has been pointed out as a effective sales strategy since Energizer started using the company mascot in the 1990s.

5. Build a stronger connection between you and your customer
People are visual creatures who feel more connection with products and brands when they get personified. When your mascot works for your marketing, it usually follows that your sales will continuously increase over the years. This is because your customers easily attach your brand to an image by putting a face to a brand.
It’s easier to gain your market’s trust and loyalty when a mascot is there to represent your product. The very image your mascot carries strengthens the connection of your company to your loyal users.
Mr. Clean, a classic example of a mascot that has only gotten better with age, has gained popularity over the years. In effect, Mr. Clean products have stayed in people’s homes.
6. Instant social media icon
The power and influence of social media cannot be denied. Companies that are visible on social networking sites naturally create a bigger buzz, and this leads to better brand recognition and higher sales.
Here’s a tip for your next social media marketing campaign: Use your company mascot to communicate with social users. Millions of people are active on social media on a daily basis, and it’s such a shame if you can’t even attempt to engage a fraction of them.
Companies should really think about putting themselves out there, where people can readily get the information about their products or services. Take the case of Planters’ Mr. Peanut, who is extremely visible on Facebook to communicate to its social media followers through the comments section. Mr. Peanut’s social media personality has become the representation of Planters—a company that relates to the interests of its market.

7. Grab attention of target market
It is not easy to sell products or services that are similar to the competition. A company mascot serves as a soft way of making your company more visible in the battlefield of marketing. After all, running a business involves not only sales, but also marketing and customer engagement. Bottom line, you probably want to make yor customere stay attentive and wanting for more.
Ronald McDonald, for instance, has gained the attention of kids and teens because the fast food mascot is a primary example of fun and friendship enjoyed with food. In addition to this, Ronald McDonald brings a vibe of happiness during kiddie parties, and this is why kids have easily attached McDonalds to fun times.
Final Word
Are you convinced that a company mascot can do wonders to your business? Even if you decide to design your mascot, make sure that you don’t forget the other aspects of marketing that you still need to run.
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On Walled Gardens and 10,000 Subscribers

A bit of paper-napkin math… but, if I were to put together the sum-total of the larger social networks that I’m active in then I might have closer to 500K followers / friends.
Twitter accounts for nearly half of that figure while the rest is found via a smattering of other social networking properties. I do have an equally as large subscriber base to this blog and this is simply because I’ve been writing for so damn long.

But I shared something via yesterday’s vlog which I think is important to come to grips with. It’s not a new idea and it’s been generally understood for a while now, but, I think it’s come into focus for me anew as I’ve started participating fully into a “new” social network.
It’s simply this idea that each social network is distinct and unique and each caters to a specific and unique audience. As much as we’d like to believe that there’s a decent overlap, the reality is that they just don’t work that way.
In other words, these social networks are less like concentric circles of users and more like walled gardens and transference of users from one to another is often difficult if not out right impossible.
Tactically this means that trying to get a group from Social Network A to join and activate into Social Network B is really, really hard.
If I were to use my existing constellation of social networks and the sum-total of those users, in a perfect world I would be able to move all of those readers, users, and followers into my YouTube Channel by casually suggesting it.
Nope. Nope. And… nope.
The growth of my YouTube network is paltry in comparison to the growth (and continued growth) of my existing social networks. Now, there’s a ton of rationale and even science around why this works, but, my new frustration is with the simple fact that this principle of non-transference (I just made that up, by the way…) is real.
You simply can’t expect that all of these folks within existing (walled) gardens are going to happily join you on your quest to build and grow a new (walled) garden!
So, the challenge is real, but, I’m going to try anyway and see if I can grow my YouTube Channel a lot faster, despite the principle roadblocks. I have a new goal of getting to 10,000 Subscribers by the end of my year-long experiment.
I share a few more thoughts on this here:

I’d love for you to give me some feedback, subscribe (obviously), and then even suggest ways that I can achieve this goal. Here, I’ve made it easy:

I’m new to this and I don’t have an infinite amount of time to invest in this (since I have a full-time job elsewhere), so I want to invest wisely and well with the highest potential return-on-investment.
But,  I need your help.
Here’s to big, lofty, difficult-yet-possibly-achievable goals. Why the hell not.
And, this is completely random, but, I made 3 different versions of these banners and I thought maybe some other folks could use them in the future, so, they are planted here for your use (Google SEO will pick these up eventually…):

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7 Exciting Adobe Photoshop Express UI Updates For Better Image Editing

Ever since its creation in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll, Adobe Photoshop has been an extremely useful tool for graphic designers and layout artists who are looking for a powerful application to generate fantastic images. These days, the power of Photoshop is now made available through a lighter version called Adobe Photoshop Express.
What is Adobe Photoshop Express?
Adobe Photoshop Express is a free image editing web and mobile application that enables users to edit images using practically any kind of device (running on Windows, iOS, or Android). It uses some of the basic but powerful features of the native Photoshop program, but in a lighter app (and again, it’s free!).

The app interface recently got a whole design makeover after the last one back in 2014. The new interface was developed to match the increasing demand with regards to mobile photography along with today’s design standards.
Adobe Photoshop Express is essentially magic at your fingertips, with the following features:

Enhance pictures with automatic fixes.
Edit images using a wide array of filters (called “Looks”) such as Vivid, Glow, and Contrastpunch.
Allows you to crop, straighten, rotate, adjust color, flip and remove red eye.
Choose from various designs of borders and frames to add a finishing touch.
Auto-fix feature allows single touch adjustment for contrast, exposure and white balance. Blemishes can be removed with just a single touch.
Image Rendering Engine is responsible for improving performance and enables handling of larger files like panoramic photos.
Share photos to various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

Adobe Photoshop Express currently supports the following file formats:

Photo: JPG, PNG
Raw files: arw (Sony), cr2 (Canon), dng erf (Epson), raf (Fuji), 3fr & fff (Hasselblad), dcr (Kodak), mrw (Konica), mos (Leaf), orf (Olympus), rw2 (Panasonic), pef (Pentax) and srw (Samsung).

List of Adobe Photoshop Express UI Updates
Regular Photoshop Express users would instantly distinguish the striking difference from the previous design based on the new interface of its editor screens, setting, share screens, image picker and splash screen.
Here are the UI updates that enhance the overall performance of Adobe Photoshop Express:
1. Enhanced Integration of Facebook and Google Sign-In
It is much easier to share your photos across different social networking platforms. You can sign into your Facebook or Google Account when logging into Adobe Photoshop Express.
2. Better Optimized for Tablets
Tablet users may now enjoy the benefits of having a great image editor like never before, whether it’s an iPad or an Android device.
3. New Handling Features for Android 6.0 Permissions
There is no need to root, install a custom ROM or switch to an iPhone to be able to use the app.
4. Save Images to Creative Cloud Libraries For Desktop Photoshop Editing
All edited photos using the Adobe Photoshop Express App are stored in a separate album, which can be easily accessed through the Photoshop Desktop Software for additional editing.
5. New Languages Added
Photoshop Express can now be enjoyed by more people across the globe.  Additional languages were added, which has reached a total of 17 languages in all.
6. Ability to Crop Images in Facebook’s Cover Photo Dimensions
Some photos uploaded as cover photos on Facebook may not have the right resolution and dimension, resulting to a bad image. With Adobe Photoshop Express, you can upload a cover photo for your Facebook profile without having to worry about image quality, size, or orientation.
7. Redoing an Action within Photoshop
The user may revert an edited photo to its original form by using the Photoshop Software.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be able to produce awesome pictures. By simply using the Adobe Photoshop Express app, users can easily edit their photos to make it pop with vivid colors.
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Indie Microblogging: owning your short-form writing

Manton Reece has a Kickstarter for a new kind of social network and a book, both of which aim to encourage folks to write independently again:

In the earlier days of the web, we always published to our own web site. If you weren’t happy with your web host, or they went out of business, you could move your files and your domain name, and nothing would break.
Today, most writing instead goes into a small number of centralized social networking sites, where you can’t move your content, advertisements and fake news are everywhere, and if one of these sites fails, your content disappears from the internet. Too many sites have gone away and taken our posts and photos with them.

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Best Image Editors To Generate Amazing Visuals For Your Site

Websites often use image editors to enhance or transform images or photos, the most popular of which is Adobe Photoshop.
The need to have high-quality images for any website cannot be dismissed. Images are on the page not for the sake of filling up space but rather to enhance the overall content. When images and photos are clear, visitors are most likely to check the content in its entirety. Apart from having a great layout, images should be related to the text and should be of the best possible quality all the time.
Benefits of Using High Quality Images
Below are the advantages of putting high-quality images on your website:

1. They make the content more interesting to read.
Most often than not, when people come across a website with colorful and vivid images, they will be curious to check out what the website is all about. Bad images will automatically turn off any online visitor.
2. They help readers understand the topic better.
Some websites may use terms that are too technical for ordinary people to understand. By using images, you can perfectly describe the text, making the site visitor understand what is written on the page. There is a need to use relevant photos to help people understand the context better.
3. They encourage people to share your content to different social media sites.
If photos used for a story are of the highest quality, viewers become more emotionally invested in what your website has to say. As a result, the likelihood of your content to be shared via social media becomes higher. Besides, social networking sites are now encouraging the use of excellent photos to be used as featured images to the links shared.
4. They are generally easier to understand than plain text.
Photos on websites can help visual learners understand the topic better, rather than tire themselves understanding the texts.
Some blog posts or articles use different images. Not only do they capture the attention of readers through the beautiful imagery, but the photos can also serve as a break from having to read long texts.
5. They make your website look professional.
Using professional quality images somehow encourage people to trust you and your company. It’s pretty much similar to you represent yourself to others. If you show up untidy or disheveled, what do you think will people think of you?
6. They contribute to your site’s SEO ranking.
Posts with photos make readers stay longer on the page. This creates a natural and organic increase in the time-on-site index of your page, which is a good metric to improve your site SEO.
Uses of a Photo or Image Editor
Some of the photos we take may not come out the way we want it. In order to have a perfect picture, a photo or image editor is used.
Here are some of the ways that a good image editor could be your savior:

To make the image of a person look blemish-free, an image editor can remove unwanted spots and flaws that distract the audience away from your content.
The color, contrast and brightness can be adjusted.
You can also make use of different settings like, blurred effect, sepia, night settings, and filters.
Photos can be stretched, cropped or transformed into its mirror image.

Benefits of Using an Image Editor
Companies make use of photos to help them “sell” their products and services. The following are the reasons why photo editors are of great importance to any website or company:

Companies enhance photos according to the requirement needed in advertising campaigns.
You may want to take a photo depicting the summer season, but you don’t need to go to the beach to capture that picture. An image editor can be set in such a way that the background would exude a beach vibe.
Notice how models and celebrities look perfect on billboards? Thanks to a good image editor, all of the fine lines, wrinkles and other blemishes can be removed.

Best Image Editors
Eager to edit your snaps to elevate their quality? Here are some of the best image editors in the market that can turn your drab pictures into digital works of art:

This freeware is an image converter program for Microsoft Windows, and is designed for both beginners and professionals. Apart from editing images, it can also play audio and video files and has painting and image creation features.
Irfanview comes with a 32-bit and 64-bit version. It is free for non-commercial use, and requires paid registration for commercial use. Irfanview has become known for its ability to handle a wide variety of graphic file formats, its ease of use, and its speed.
[source]Although intended for non-professionals, Pixlr offers a variety of features that any visual artist can freely play with to enhance photos. Using Pixlr would turn your photos into a work of art.
This software can be downloaded on desktops, smartphones and tablets. It was founded by Ola Sevabdersson in 2008, and was acquired by Autodesk in 2011.

Aside from enhancing photos to produce better images, Fotor also gives you the ability to add text, put frames and borders, adjust contrast and brightness, and perform basic image editing functions such as blur, shift and crop.
The best part? You don’t have to download the app, because Fotor is an online image editor and collage maker.
Photo Editor from Aviary

This image editing app has advance features and editing tools, and is referred to by some of its users and supporters as a simpler version of Photoshop.  It is easy to use, and allows you to create wonderful images that look like they have been captured by professional photographers. You can make use of the different effects and have fun sharing your photos with your friends.
The app is available in Android and iOS devices.
[source]GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a freeware and open source image editor that is available on Windows, GNU/Linus, OS X and other operating systems. Using this software can make your photos look very professional because of its sophisticated features to help you get the job done easily. Third-party plugins are also available to further enhance productivity.
[source]Regarded as one of the most reliable programs that many companies trust, ACDSee comes with advance features that perfectly capture the vibrance of photos. Its Ultimate version is comparable to Lightroom, PaintShop Pro, and Capture One, and is designed for people with intermediate to advanced image editing skills.
Adobe Photoshop
[source]From simple image editing to 3D designs and illustrations, Adobe Photoshop continues to be known as a premiere graphic and photo editing program used by thousands of professionals. Adobe Photoshop CC, the latest version, supports all image formats (including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF). It allows images to be imported, edited, and customized into almost anything imaginable.
No matter which kind of photo editor that you use, for as long as you carefully make your photos as beautiful and captivating as possible, any website will definitely be an attention grabber. It takes more time to learn some of the advanced features in the image editors, but it would definitely make a huge difference once you implement the changes in your upcoming photos.
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Best Shopify Apps for Startups and Growing Businesses

The decision to start an online business might have been a challenge for you, but we are guessing that you are enjoying the experience! Now that you have chosen Shopify for your e-commerce goals, check out this list of Shopify apps that you can use to help your startups grow rapidly:

Some owners of startup businesses may feel hesitant to go for Shopify apps that require payment. With MailChimp, your Shopify store will be connected to your MailChimp account for free.
This app saves you the hassle of creating a separate email for your online business, and this allows you to easily connect with your customers as your MailChimp account gives you the power to send out information to your customers.
The app has automated tools that allow you to send product recommendations to each of your customers based on their purchase history. This makes it easier for you to filter out which products to offer to them!
The app also gives you a review of your Return of Investment (ROI), so that you may find ways to get better in advertising your online store.
Better Coupon Box

With this app, your store has better likelihood of being recognized by your target audience, through customized pop-ups accessible through just about any kind of device. The best thing about this app is that you can customize the look of the pop-ups you wish to use, and add coupon codes for new customers so that they can buy your products with discounts right away!
Aside from the option of creating an email list, Better Coupon Box also invites your visitors and customers to follow your store’s accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The interface of this app is so easy to use that you do not have to be too techy-savvy to configure and customize it to your liking.

Used by popular online store brands such as Everlast and Hanes, Apps by AddShoppers has been true to its commitment to make the Shopify experience an incredible journey for any e-commerce site owner.
This app has a feature that allows you to review your transaction history easily for you to know if your ROI is in good shape. Customer reviews are also encouraged through its AddSocial feature, wherein your customers may post their purchase experience with your store.
Many online stores thrive because of the incentives they give to people who make referrals. With this app, you may give rewards to your loyal customers who refer their friends to your store, either through point system or discounts.

The highlight of every online store is that you can help make the purchase experience seamless and smooth, from product search to checkout. As an online store owner, you should make it easy for your customers to transact with your e-commerce store – from product selections to the actual delivery of items to their locations.
This app allows you to monitor and track the location of the products to be delivered. It also sends customer email notifications so that your customers will be saved from the hassle of asking for updates regarding their purchased items.
Pre Order Manager

One of the greatest challenges that Shopify store owners encounter is product inventory monitoring. If you are a one-man team in your online store, Pre Order Manager will save you from the hassle of replying to your customers regarding the product details of the items that have to restocked.
By using this app, your customers will be given information about pre-ordering a certain product, and determining when they can get the items that they want to purchase. You have the freedom to turn the pre-order on or off, depending on the availability of the product you’re selling.
Pre Order Manager is designed to prevent you from worrying about losing the chance to sell your products just because they are out of stock as of the moment.
Tidio Live Chat

What more can you ask for from an app that lets you communicate with your customers in real time? With Tidio Live Chat, you can turn an ordinary online seller to a reliable virtual supplier who can cater to your customers’ needs.
With this app, potential buyers and interested individuals can directly contact you regarding product descriptions, shipping details, and market referrals.You do not have to worry about the language you are going to use, because this app has a multi-language support that translates the chat to the language used by your customers.

As a business owner and manager, financial reports are vital to make you better understand how well your products are selling and how markets respond to the techniques you are using. With QuickBooks, you may easily sync purchases, payments, refunds and other transactions from your Shopify account to QuickBooks.
This app also promises to deliver a comprehensive and up-to-date report per item purchased so that you can easily monitor shipment details, order information, and the amount you earn per item sold. In just a few clicks, this app saves you the hassle of producing financial reports.

Fablet is a Shopify app that offers a point, click, swipe interface, and an incredibly reliable support team to help you find your way at any moment. This offers a quick conversion of product prices in the currency your customers are using. What is good about Fablet is that you can use it is for age-restricted merchandise, which will automatically filter out buyers whose ages are not suitable for the products you’re selling.

Online store owners will definitely benefit from comprehensive reports about their businesses. With the Compass app, you are effectively setting your company’s sights onto a bigger future.
Compass is designed to work on any business size, and carries powerful features such as enterprise-grade analytics, insights on your industry or niche, and recommendations from top consulting agencies. All of the important data are displayed on a user-friendly dashboard interface, which you can set up in about a minute even without programming skills.
We hope these apps will help you create a better Shopify experience for you and your customers. It’s about time to explore and discover how these Shopify apps can bring your online business to greater heights.
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Software Developer - Internet Brands - Pleasanton, CA

Working knowledge/experience using the DrupalCoin Blockchain API is a plus. Our Developers own feature development, building community-driven and social networking...
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Pros and Cons of Putting a Sidebar on your WordPress Site

How websites look these days is light years away from past web design standards. Two decades ago, AOL was a big name in the internet, while Microsoft was on its way to introducing Windows 98. Google wasn’t even around that time, and it was only in 1998 that they were launched into the virtual world with a simple design because they focused on function rather than form.
Well, hello there, old Google layout!
Over time, the web design industry has undergone so many updates and upgrades. Along with these changes is the shift in how visitors become prospective clients of an e-commerce site such as Shopify or followers of a blog. One of the biggest and most influential upgrades in the past few years is the rise of content management system (CMS) frameworks such as WordPress to make website creation as easy as pie.
The rise of the sidebar
WordPress was one of the pioneers of the use of sidebars. In the past, the sidebar is a non-negotiable section of a webpage for the sole purpose of offering a much more convenient way to add new content and expand the functionality of a website.
However, things have really changed dramatically for web design. Gone are the days when you had to follow standard structures such as a sidebar menu and a main column for content. In recent years, different kinds of website layouts have sprung up, many of which don’t make use of a sidebar.
The need for a sidebar
The question for any website developer or business owner is this: “Do I need to put a sidebar on my WordPress website?”
To answer this, you need to know what your goals are in making the site in the first place. From this mission, you can already determine whether a sidebar is necessary or not.
Elements of the sidebar
WordPress sidebars come in many variations, but all of them have one thing in common: widgets. The power of the sidebar comes with the ability to expand the content and enhance the layout of a webpage by reserving some space for other important parts of your site.
Here are some of the common items found in most WordPress websites:

Email subscription form
Social media accounts of the blog
Popular posts
Archive of previous posts, usually presented by month and year
Blog statistics
Site visitor’s location
Search box
Author box
Related posts

These items are usually placed in the sidebar as widgets, for easier insertion, editing, or removal. Take note that these are just a handful of widget possibilities for the sidebar.
Most WordPress themes have incorporated a sidebar, but you can customize your site to have either zero or more.
Advantages of the sidebar
Website owners have enjoyed the benefits of using a sidebar, some of which include the following:
Connection to social media
Promotion of your company or blog’s social media profiles on a sidebar may increase the probability of being followed on social networking sites. This allows the reader to get updates about the website or blog. The goal of this technique is really to increase followers and gain traction in terms of popularity and lead generation.
Adding social media links on the sidebar is very useful when you want to create a huge fan base for an advocacy or brand awareness.
Lead generation and potential conversion
An email subscription form on your sidebar allows your site visitors to receive newsletter updates about your company or website. This is useful to increase readership, disperse information on updates about upcoming activities, and connect with your loyal followers.
Additional space for more information
Some readers may want to get additional information or related posts about the article on a page in your website. Presenting internal links and related information about the page that the visitors are viewing will increase the chances of them staying longer and even returning for more. If readers see that your website is able to provide what they are looking for, their loyalty and potential for returning will become stronger.
Disadvantages of the sidebar
However, while there are advantages, there may also be some drawbacks in putting a sidebar on your site. Here are some of them:
Disruption in site design
Sidebars may become a distraction to the overall look of the website. Some website owners feel the need to put everything on the front page, leading them to put more than 4 sidebars on a single page! Having too much content on a single page could be overwhelming for your site visitors, and may even turn them off and lead them to visit your competitor websites instead.
Website owners who want to focus on clean and minimalist design may choose to forego sidebars so that the attention of the reader goes directly to the main content.
Redundancy of information
Some web developers have the tendency to emphasize the message of the main content by either repeating the thought on the sidebar or crowding the sidebar with keywords. Although this may appear as a good SEO strategy, having repetitive content on the main window and the sidebar may put off your site visitors, and consequently bring your search ranking down.
No intended use
If your main purpose for putting a sidebar on the site is to merely follow some trend or make use of what the default WordPress installation is offering, then a sidebar may not be necessary for you. No matter how many widgets you put, there is no point in adding a sidebar if it looks unnecessary in relation to your main content.
Ultimately, it boils down to one important point: The use of the sidebar depends on the intention of the site owner. If you think there is a need to make use of the sidebar, make sure that you choose the right widgets to enhance your content rather than create fluff.
Here’s a final tip for those who are still hung up on the need to use sidebars: You don’t have to put a sidebar on the homepage or landing page. A lot of WordPress themes already allow the placement of sidebars in specific pages or sections where they may be relevant to the content.
What really makes a visitor interested to stay on a website is a good balance between content and design. Make sure that the sidebar contributes to that objective instead of destroying it.
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Increase Traffic To Your Shopify Store With These Tips

Online selling has gained popularity over the years, along with the emergence of social networking sites and other online platforms that help brands become viral. The growth of your online shop mainly relies on the loyalty of your frequent buyers, your strategic marketing skills, and your online presence.
Maintaining your online shop is a tough job, and your Shopify admin may be of great help in this area. However, how you increase the number of visitors – or future buyers – should also be your concern.
Here are some effective ways to drive more traffic to your Shopify store:
Get the people in your team to share your product

Tapping the members of your team can already make a big difference in terms of promoting your e-commerce website to more people. The best thing about asking help from your team is that you do not have to hire a separate team of people who will do the marketing job. The efforts of your existing team members to share your products to their online accounts will already be enough to make your business plan work.
Of course, it helps when they have a lot of people in their networks. With this wider reach potential, it will be much easier for your Shopify store to go public, in just a few clicks, shares, and likes. This will increase your chances of selling products faster to your target market, especially when more people begin posting comments on the items that you are selling.
When asking for help from your team, remember that their efforts should be appreciated. It will not hurt to treat them out to their favorite restaurant or bring boxes of pizza to your office pantry once your online selling business becomes big.
Post your store to Reddit

Reddit is an online community that welcomes members of various inclinations in arts, fashion, music, and other niches to share basically anything may be of interest to others. Aside from this, Reddit is also a venue where members can post comments on the things that you post, so that you and the site visitors may converse with each other.
Through this platform, you as an online seller will also be challenged to use catchy one-liners for your posts so that the viewers may easily understand what your product is all about. Your online store’s success can also be launched through Reddit, especially when you get more people to read and share your posts.
Write about people who are famous

You know how it feels when other people write about you. It’s good to know that some people are interested about your cause, your hobby, or your fashion sense because that means one thing: your name may potentially appear in search results. Talk about a much-needed SEO strategy!
In the same breath, if you want to catch the attention of celebrities, all you have to do is to write about them and post the article online. You can either tag them or send them a message so that they can read the article immediately.
Once you have caught their valuable attention, it will be easier to ask them a favor to share what you have written. Reposting the article on their online accounts will lead their fans, friends, and families to visit your online shop.
Send out free samples to Instagram stars

Instagram is a good venue to publicize practically anything by using photos as visual tools to grasp the attention of followers or even those who just randomly visit an account. If you have a friend who has a lot of Instagram followers, then the job is pretty much complete.
All you have to do is take photos of your products, choose catchy phrases, include the link to your Instagram account, then post it. Chances are, your friend’s followers will be curious about your products and will visit your online shop later on.
On the other hand, if your friends are not famous on Instagram, your next option is to look for Instagram celebrities who will be willing to post your products on their accounts. The easiest way to do this is to send them free samples so that they can personally try them. This way, you are sending them your love as their fan, and you are also taking your chances in making your online shop famous through their posts.
Who knows, they might like your products so much that they will even volunteer to endorse them free of charge!
Reach out to bloggers

The trick in launching a successful online business is choosing the right people to tap. Bloggers have the power to effortlessly make you and your products viral on various online sites in an instant. Their reviews matter, as these could make or break your online selling business.
Sending them a few samples may give them the inspiration to write good reviews about your products. It may also help if you send them a brief description of the products you are planning to send, in order to give them a hint that you carefully study the products that you are selling. This will give them the idea that your products are good and worth trying.
Use your Twitter account

On Twitter, you can easily post your publicity materials – such as a Snapchat video, a photo with catchy words, or an animated GIF – to grab the attention of your followers. Tagging your followers on your posts will help, too, as they will immediately see your tweet and may begin a new conversation.
Your Twitter account is where you can repost the things that you have already posted on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites. What is interesting about Twitter is that you can also easily track what or who is trending, so you can engage in conversations related to the trending hashtags.
Increasing the number of visitors of your Shopify account and buyers of your products is definitely beneficial, but it might be a good idea to ask for advice from Shopify admin so that they can give you tips that may probably work best for you.
By using different social networking sites and online platforms, you have the potential to boost the popularity of your branding and increase sales from your Shopify store.
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Effective Strategies to Boost Traffic To Your E-Commerce Website

Online stores have become very popular these days to the point that traditional business owners have started to join the trend. Considering how relatively cheap it can be to put up an online store instead of installing a physical store, the right online marketing and advertising strategy should be carefully thought of.
Making use of online techniques enables business owners to reach far more places. Businesses now are no longer limited to sell within a locality but can now as well do business even as far as the other end of the globe.
Whether it’s a Shopify store or any other kind of e-commerce site, it’s not enough to create a website and leave it as is without making the necessary steps to boost traffic into your online store. No matter how spectacularly creative your website design is, you might find your online business losing a lot of money, if you don’t use the right online strategies.
Is social media the answer?
It’s pretty much common knowledge to consider social media as a great opportunity to promote practically anything. Whether it’s about the latest events, an upcoming sale promotion, or a store opening, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have greatly influenced the way our customers choose the products and services that they intend to buy.
To answer the question, social media may be an effective technique to bring traffic to your e-commerce site, but that’s just one of the many available strategies that you can use.
More traffic-boosting strategies for online stores
How can you boost traffic to your website when there are so many online stores that possibly offer the same products as you do? There is such stiff competition in the world of online selling that has prompted business owners to do whatever it takes to direct their target customers into their websites.
Here are a few things that business owners need to be aware of so that they can potentially increase traffic to their website and eventually turn visitors into paying customers:
Look for online forums

Imagine that your online business is about children’s costumes. Your target market would definitely be mothers of school-age children. Luckily, there are forums and chat groups for mothers who want to talk about their families, marriages and children. They would ask fellow parents about opinions on dressing up their kids for special events. Having your store URL placed on any of those forums can already be an effective ad strategy.
Make sure that the forums where you plan to post your site links are aligned to your store’s niche. Otherwise, you might put off potential clients who might think that they’re looking at a spam link.
Invest on online ads

Placing ads about your products on online channels will increase your chances of getting noticed. However, you must focus on a single product that you want to sell, rather than advertising the landing page of your website. How do you do this?
Suppose you have an online tutorial for school children as your online business, as well as sell review books in Math and English for different grade levels. You may want to get in touch with a group of mommy bloggers who have a huge following. You may ask these bloggers if it’s possible to place your ad on their website so that their blog followers – who are most likely interested in your services – will get the chance to click your ad and eventually get redirected to your website.
Be aware that placing ads would mean additional cost on your end. Fortunately, there are several options to make your ad more cost-effective – say, adjusting the ad size or regulating the visibility period of the ad on the page. Although you may need to shell out for this, think of its long-term effects especially in terms of bringing your service to your target market.
Make use of hashtags

Hashtags – terms or keywords that start with a hash (#) or number sign – became popular because of Twitter. These days, more and more people are using hashtags to describe their posts on different social media sites.
Aside from the obvious purposes of the hashtag, some business owners have been using these lucrative terms to get visitors into their websites. Hashtags that are correctly created for a certain business will allow people to find exactly what they are looking for, without the need to look for their desired contene elsewhere. Hashtags should contain exactly what the product or service that you want to advertise, so that the target audience identifies the hashtags with your company.
Here’s a good example: an online shop that sells black leather shoes may use the hashtags #BlackShine and #LeatherIsBetter on its social media posts.
Improve keyword use for better SEO

Search engine optimization continues to be a standard for people who want their websites to appear at the top of search results. In the case of e-commerce websites, choosing the keywords that perfectly describe your products will increase your chances of appearing on search engine pages.
Make sure that you use engaging and original product descriptions. Well-chosen keywords are easier to be found in product information pages, especially when you change their font styles (say, making them bold or underlined). When you create unique descriptions, you enable search engines to index these keywords pertaining to your site.
Connect with similar stores and niche accounts on social media

Search for accounts in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram that focus on the same niche as your online store.  Once you have spotted them, send the account owner a message either through the email address provided on their page or through direct messaging. Tell them that you would appreciate it if they can endorse your product on social media.
You should choose the right words when sending messages to them. You wouldn’t want to sound like you are demanding your products to be featured on their future social media posts, would you? Here are some tips to make the request a little less insistent:

Inform them that you came across their profiles and saw that you have the same interests.
Provide details of the product that you are selling, including its benefits and standout features.
Ask if it would be possible to have your product mentioned in their social media posts.
Ask how you can send free samples so that they may be able to try your products themselves.

Another way to influence people to help in your social media promotions is by letting them know that they can earn commission of some form. In short, make the social media promotional strategy a win-win situation for both parties.
Tap your family and friends

In starting up a new online business, you may want to save as much as possible. For some, placing ads on other sites may not be an option yet. The most cost-effective way of promoting your store is through the help of family and friends.
For starters, inform close friends and family members that you are about to launch your online store. By sending them free samples, they will be encouraged to help you out in spreading the word through their friends and acquaintances. Have your relatives share your online shop as well as your products and services on their social medial accounts so that their own friends will know about it.
In other words, treat your friends and family as your “virtual angels” to put the word out for your business. You don’t need to spend too much to advertise online because you have already earned their trust even before starting your business.
Create a user-friendly platform

You may want to impress your visitors by creating a website that is extremely complex and can showcase your amazing skills in web design. However, if your visitors find it difficult to navigate through your store to view products and services, this would probably lose your potential customers.
You cannot expect all of your online store visitors to know exactly how to navigate your website. Some may be used to seeing websites with static pages. Using flash images may be attractive, but ensure that clickable links are always visible for them.
In addition, make the checkout process easy for your online buyers. Otherwise, the complexity of the process may turn them off and eventually beg off from their intended purchase.
Make your pages load fast

When your website’s page loading takes several seconds, prospect buyers may abandon your site and look for another online shop that offers the same products and services that you have. Your customers may not want to go through a long process of ordering, shipping and checking out. You wouldn’t want to lose the interest of your visitors, would you?
Find way on how you can shorten the process without eliminating vital information that the customer needs to know when buying a product, such as paying additional cost for shipping or offering free shipping for those who buy in bulk.
Make your website mobile-friendly

The tremendous decline in the use of desktop computers occurred with the creation of tablets and smartphones. Web access through mobiles and tablets have increased significantly, which means that your website should be able to adapt to these smaller screen sizes so as not to alienate your mobile clients.
They don’t have to wait to go home and sit in front of their desktops just to order an item from your store. They should be able to access your e-commerce website wherever they are and whatever time of the day using their handheld devices.
Create a blog

Posting interesting information and being visible online regularly will naturally increase your followers. The fastest way to do this is by creating and maintaining a blog.
Most online businesses don’t just showcase their products or services, but also share valuable information related to what they are offering. Instead of just repeating the description that goes with each product that you sell, write about something related to your niche. If you limit your blog articles only to promote your products, there’s a big chance that you will lose your online audience.
If you’re selling organic health bars, for instance, you may discuss health issues such as the adverse effect of not having sufficient amount of Vitamin C or the latest drug discovered to stop a certain skin disorder.
Feature popular social media accounts on your blog

When you want to seek help from others, as earlier mentioned, people engaged in similar products or services that you may have are the best guys that you need to be around with. By searching specific keywords related to your products, you can get to those people that might help you.
You may start by searching niche-specific people through social media sites, and write about them. Let your blog readers know what is special about these online influencers or what they are passionate about. Then, inform your chosen social media influencers that you have featured them on your latest blog and emphasize why you think they deserve to be given such importance.
Next, ask them how you can send some samples of your products, and politely ask them to share the information about your product on their social media accounts.
Final Word
Properly engaging with followers and promoting quality products and services through the help of online strategies will definitely help your business to success.
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