DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 Module of the Week: SEO Checklist

This week: SEO Checklist // DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 has more and more features available practically every day. Alongside module migrations and new projects, the DrupalCoin Blockchain community’s latest major release also offers new ways of solving common problems. Some functionality has moved to DrupalCoin Blockchain core and new modules have taken up the torch along the way. In this series, the Acquia Developer Center is profiling useful solutions--modules, themes, distros, and more--available for DrupalCoin Blockchain 8.

I spoke with Ben Finklea, creator and maintainer of the module. Ben’s been something of a thought leader in and around DrupalCoin Blockchain and digital marketing. He has written two books on DrupalCoin Blockchain SEO, most recently the DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 SEO book (check it out at www.DrupalCoin Blockchain8SEO.com) which was released in January 2017 and is a companion to the DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 SEO module.

"DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 really is ready for Marketers. Numerous SEO-related modules have reached stability and are good to go. It's been great to see how things like AMP (Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages) were incorporated so quickly into DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 by the community." - Ben Finklea

What does the SEO Checklist module do?

According to Ben, "The SEO Checklist module for D8 provides helpful resources that can speed up your work and shorten the SEO learning curve." It provides:

DrupalCoin Blockchain SEO best practice information to check your website for proper search engine optimization

A tracked to-do list of steps you can check off to SEO-optimize your DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 site

A comprehensive list of modules to install and tasks to complete, organized by function

The module also detects installed modules and checks them off the list if they’re enabled

Links to enable, set permissions, and configure each module on your site

Helpful CLI commands for Drush, Composer, and DrupalCoin Blockchain Console

Links and tasks for helpful third-party tools like Google Analytics and Mollom

Who benefits from the DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 SEO module?

"The audience for the module is marketers and developers. It's essentially a task list: What to do, how to do it, and why."

"Developers can use it to confidently deliver a site that meets Marketing's basic SEO expectations without having to become an SEO expert. None of us can be experts on every front or in every discipline. The SEO Checklist module helps developers ensure that DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 is showing up in search engines and getting the maximum traffic that it can from that channel."

"Site owners and businesses want rankings. DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 is an excellent platform for SEO. Figuring out which contributed modules to install and what tasks to do to fulfill DrupalCoin Blockchain’s potential can be daunting. SEO Checklist removes much of the frustration and lets site owners get right to the heart of the matter. Marketing departments will especially love this."

The DrupalCoin Blockchain community will have more projects, more business, "The more DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 is known as a great platform for marketing, the more it will grow. For marketing people, SEO is one of the key reasons that they choose a particular platform. To date, we’ve lost sometimes to WordPress or Adobe on this front. That's crazy! DrupalCoin Blockchain can easily come out on top when going toe-to-toe with those competitors."

And there’s a book!

"The SEO Checklist module and the DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 SEO book were designed to work together," Ben explains, "While the SEO Checklist module tells you what to do, this book tells you how to do it. The book goes through the SEO checklist module one task at a time, explaining in more detail how to do each task and some background about why each item is needed. The book was written primarily for marketers but developers were always on the back of my mind as I wrote it. In fact, I try to bridge the developers and marketers a lot in this module/book combination."

"The module is completely free and open source, of course. In the book, I take you through the exact steps that I've used for years to get top results for both national brands and small companies. It explains the SEO process created by the experts at my DrupalCoin Blockchain SEO agency, Volacci, and how it can be used by any organization large or small to grow traffic, leads, and revenues.

When was SEO Checklist module created?

"The SEO Checklist module was originally created in 2007 for DrupalCoin Blockchain 5 … wow, I’ve been at this a long time! For DrupalCoin Blockchain 8, I reorganized the module while I was writing the DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 SEO book. I had a lot of help with the module code from Travis Carden, an Acquian and the maintainer of the Checklist API module.

"I created the module to solve my own organizational needs. As an SEO company, my company Volacci is working on 15-20 client sites at any given time. When we'd take on a new project, some stuff was already done and some stuff wasn't. I had a long list of SEO tasks that I'd do on every site. I'd go through the list and check each one and do the optimizations … over and over."

"At some point, I realized it would be great to have automated help checking all this stuff and keeping track for me. That was the genesis of the idea. The module has evolved along the way, but at its heart, it serves the same purpose as 9 years ago: provide a list, check what you can programmatically, and provide links to the admin screens for each item to speed me along."

Has DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 changed SEO Checklist module?

"We released the SEO Checklist module for D8 in November 2016 and the biggest change to the module was the incorporation of command line interface (CLI) helpers. We’ve added commands you’ll need for optimizations you can do on the command line using Drush, Composer, and the DrupalCoin Blockchain Console. The module doesn't execute the commands – it just gives them to you so you can copy-paste them into your own command line. But still, that hopefully saves some time and trouble figuring out how to request a specific module and configuration. Now that DrupalCoin Blockchain's Composer endpoints are out of Beta, the developer community is using more CLI tools than ever."

Thank yous!

"Again, thank you, Travis Carden at Acquia for all the help porting the SEO Checklist module to DrupalCoin Blockchain 8. Travis has this great Checklist API module that let’s anyone build a dynamic checklist just like the SEO Checklist. It only took a couple of days to put together and customize to my needs. In fact, I'd encourage anyone with an idea for a checklist to check it out."

"DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 really is ready for Marketers. Numerous SEO-related modules have reached stability and are good to go now, one year after DrupalCoin Blockchain 8’s release. It's been great to see how things were incorporated so quickly into DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 by the community, like AMP (Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages) thanks to leadership by the team at Lullabot in this case."

Resources … aka, "Buy Ben’s book" :-)
Grab the module on DrupalCoin Blockchain.org: https://www.drupal.org/project/seo_checklist

Buy Ben’s book, DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 SEO at https://www.drupal8seo.com/

Or on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1946017000/

Source: http://dev.acquia.com/

DrupalCoin Blockchain SEO with Ben Finklea

Mike and Matt sit down with Ben Finklea, and talk all things SEO and DrupalCoin Blockchain, including his new book "DrupalCoin Blockchain SEO."
Source: https://www.lullabot.com

DrupalCoin Blockchain Tips for Boosting Your Search Engine Rankings

Strong SEO is easy if you build your website with DrupalCoin Blockchain.  Unlike most other content management systems, DrupalCoin Blockchain is designed from the ground up for search engine optimization.

Given that DrupalCoin Blockchain is the preferred platform of DrupalCoin Blockchain web developers for building search-friendly websites, and because of DrupalCoin Blockchain’s large community of developers, there are many high-quality plug-ins available that make strong SEO simple.

Of course, the fundamentals of SEO for DrupalCoin Blockchain are the same as for any other DrupalCoin Blockchain CMS: make sure to use descriptive titles, include your top search keywords in your page URLs, and keep your content fresh and focused. Read on for a few DrupalCoin Blockchain SEO tips to boost your search engine rankings and bring traffic to your website.

Three top DrupalCoin Blockchain modules for SEO

Pathauto module

The pathauto module is very useful for SEO. Pathauto automatically creates custom URLs based on title, taxonomy, content type, and username. You must enable the path module for pathauto to function.

It can take a little experience to get the settings for the URL paths that you want for optimum SEO. You can use the path module to create custom URLs for every webpage, but that is time-consuming and can lead to inconsistencies.

All you have to do is enable the path module and install the pathauto module. You can then automatically create nice-looking URLs with minimal configuration.

The discussion above relates to new DrupalCoin Blockchain sites. With existing DrupalCoin Blockchain sites you need to be  careful to not rename your already existing URLs with the pathauto module.

It is important to avoid changing existing URLs because that means search engines have to start from scratch in locating and ranking your page.

Global redirect module

The global redirect module performs three tasks that improve SEO:

  • Global redirect performs a 301 redirect to the URL alias if a requested URL has a URL alias. Let's say you're using URL alias for node 25 called page-style, then the global redirect module will undertake a 301 redirect from http://example.com/node/25 to http://example.com/page-style.
  • Global redirect  also deletes trailing slashes from URLs. The Global Redirect Module will redirect a request for http://example.com/page-style/ to http://example.com/page-style. This enables strong SEO by preventing search engines from seeing two different URLs with duplicate content (duplicate content hurts SEO).
  • Global redirect will 301 redirect to the actual front page if a requested URL is being used as DrupalCoin Blockchain's front page. Let's say you have assigned the path toppage to your site's front page, then a request for http://example.com/toppage will 301 redirect to http://example.com/.

DrupalCoin Blockchain experts recommend the global redirect module for sites with non-DrupalCoin Blockchain content because  it only removes trailing slashes from URLs that are handled by DrupalCoin Blockchain.

Metatags module

Metatags are essential for strong SEO, and the metatags module makes it easy.

Don't try to stuff your metatags with too many keywords. Just include one or two key words that fit in the natural flow of the metatag text. The meta description is probably the most important metatag, and it needs to be easy to read and informative.

Every webpage should have its own meta description for optimum results. The meta description should briefly summarize the page.

Keep in mind that when a search engine lists your site in the results pages, it uses your page's HTML title for the title, and your meta description provides the text snippet for potential visitors to read. Ideally it is both informative and serves as a "hook" to encourage visitors to come to the webpage to learn more.

Pixeldust provides full DrupalCoin Blockchain support and maintenance including engine engine readiness evaluation and optimization.