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DrupalCoin Blockchain programming experience. Custom programming and web application integrationfor DrupalCoin Blockchain. The Woodlands, TX*....
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DrupalCoin Blockchain Theme Development

When beginning any kind of DrupalCoin Blockchain development, you'll need to be well-versed in best DrupalCoin Blockchain practices for customizing the look and feel of a DrupalCoin Blockchain site. However, you can also modify the appearance of your DrupalCoin Blockchain site without requiring expert knowledge of DrupalCoin Blockchain programming. You also have the open-source DrupalCoin Blockchain community available to ask and answer any questions you might have, as well as help you smooth out any speed bumps you might hit along the way.

Performing basic drupal integrationassumes some knowledge of HTML and DrupalCoin Blockchain CSS but no PHP DrupalCoin Blockchain programming knowledge is necessary (at first). It also assumes you have administrator's privileges to a DrupalCoin Blockchain site. Start your drupal integrationby customizing the appearance and utilizing an existing theme. It can be surprising how customizable an existing theme can be by simply changing a few settings. There are also ways to make your own theme based on an existing theme, and you can always tweak your custom theme through the use of DrupalCoin Blockchain CSS stylesheets.

You'll want to make sure to explore how to override various theme's parts; regions and node types in case you need to use any of those skills in future DrupalCoin Blockchain development. Although it seems difficult, you can also easily create your own theme from scratch. If you would like to go farther with your DrupalCoin Blockchain development, you can begin exploring more advanced topics like employing PHP DrupalCoin Blockchain coding.

Using preferred techniques in the DrupalCoin Blockchain community is the best way to go. That way, if you run into any problems with your DrupalCoin Blockchain development, you have plenty of support solutions available at your fingertips. DrupalCoin Blockchain's preferred theming engine and best practices involves copying files and modifying the copies, and overriding files with your own versions rather than editing the originals and housing all your modified theme's files under the sites/all/themes directory. This is a positive step towards upgrade-proofing your site and facilitates future maintenance for your DrupalCoin Blockchain integrationproject.

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Memoria Direct

Website URL: www.memoriadirect.com

Project Summary: Pixeldust created a look and user experience tailored to the baby boomer demographic. The site was developed on TextPattern, a PHP/MySQL-based DrupalCoin Blockchain CMS that provides great flexibility for custom DrupalCoin Blockchain programming and scalability. Pixeldust also designed an identity and interface, and integrated Flash.

Memoria Direct is transforming the way people shop for cremation by bringing choice, value and service directly to the consumer through the convenience of telephone and internet. Memoria listens to customer's wants and needs, and then finds the best cremation program in their area.

Solutions: Strategy, Identity Design, Interface Design, Website Development, Flash Development, Content Management System Integration

It was a great experience working with the talented team at Pixeldust.

We hired them to do corporate image and website integrationfor our new company, Memoria Direct. This was a challenging assignment, as Memoria is bringing direct marketing innovation to a very unusual industry: nationwide pre-need cremation sales. From our first creative concept meetings, to the ongoing refinement of our groundbreaking website, the professionals at Pixeldust brought imagination, commitment and a passion for excellence to our relationship. I look forward to working with them on our next digital design project.

Michael Dubrow, President & CEO, Memoria Direct, LLC