A May Full of Drupal Commerce Releases

May was one of our most productive months to date. It was full of releases for the core Commerce modules, our standalone PHP libraries, and essential contributed modules that all work together to comprise Drupal Commerce. While I outlined the highlights in the roadmap issue on drupal.org, these wins are worth sharing more broadly to keep the rest of the Drupal community in the loop.

The biggest release of the month was Drupal Commerce 2.7, which included new features for currency formatting, address form configuration, and stored payment methods. It also fixed a handful of bugs that unblocked other module releases and updated core in response to improvements in our libraries and dependent modules.

We've long discussed how our standalone PHP libraries are exporting expertise off the Drupal island. Addressing and Internationalization, which have each been downloaded over one million times, are our two shining stars. We rolled new releases for each of them in May, improving even further Drupal Commerce's ability to solve the hardest parts of address entry / validation / formatting and currency localization. Refer to the price formatting change record from the 2.7 release to see how the new API is more flexible and performant as a result.

Additionally, we released Address 1.4 and Inline Entity Form 1.0 RC1. The latest Address release unlocks the customer profile’s address field to support collecting less detailed billing addresses. The Inline Entity Form release includes new product information management features, letting you duplicate product variations for faster product data entry.

Inline Entity Form product variation duplication

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Authorize.Net themselves, we've been able to dedicate several weeks to improving their integration this year. The resulting Authorize.Net RC1 release now supports eCheck, Visa Checkout, and 3DSecure payments! We also included several bug fixes related to duplicate customer and payment profiles that appear when migrating from an old system to Drupal Commerce, for example.

While not fully released yet, our Technology Partner integration for Avalara's AvaTax is nearing beta. Jace Bennest from Acro Media contributed heavily by refactoring the module to properly use a TaxType plugin while my co-maintainer Matt Glaman contributed additional fixes to our port from the Drupal 7 integration to prepare it for certification. Thanks, Jace / Acro Media!

When Matt wasn't working on the above contribs, he was collaborating with Lisa Streeter from Commerce Guys to bring Commerce Reports to its first beta release for Drupal 8. The new version takes a completely different approach from the Drupal 7 using lessons we learned developing Lean Commerce Reports. It denormalizes transaction data when an order is placed to support reports generation with or without the Views module, providing a better developer experience and much better performance. Check it out below! (Click to expand.)

Commerce Reports usage demo

We've also been hard at work improving the evaluator experience. The big release for that is Commerce Demo's beta1, which showcases what Drupal Commerce provides out of the box. It creates products and scaffolds out a full product catalog (pictured below). To get the full effect, try it out with our default store theme, Belgrade. The new demo module gets us closer to something like we had with Kickstart 2.x on Drupal 7 - a learning resource for site builders and a way for agencies to more easily demo and sell Drupal Commerce.

Demo product catalog in the Belgrade theme

Finally, I'm very excited to announce that Lisa Streeter is our new documentation lead! Expect some great things to come. She has already done fantastic work with the Commerce Recurring documentation and is working on revising our getting started, installation, and update docs.

Looking at June, we plan on finalizing the query level entity access API, which will allow us to better support marketplace and multi-store Drupal Commerce implementations. We expect to merge user registration after checkout completion, and we will also be focusing on address reuse / copying, Buy One Get One promotion offers, and more product management experience enhancements.

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DrupalCoin Commerce 2.x: 2017 in review

Now that 2017 is over and we’re back from our well deserved holidays, it’s time to look at what the DrupalCoin Commerce community accomplished over the past year.

There is no doubt that DrupalCoin Commerce is one of the largest and most active projects in the DrupalCoin community. The #commerce channel is now the most active channel on the DrupalCoin Slack, with 550 members. Over a hundred modules have received contributions from several hundred contributors working for dozens of different agencies. Just a few months after the initial stable release, there are over 2000 reported installations with new case studies appearing every week!

Let’s take a closer look.

Source: Reposted from: drupalcommerce.org

React in DrupalCoin Blockchain Core?

Matt and Mike talk with DrupalCoin Blockchain core committter Lauri Eskola, DrupalCoin Blockchain JavaScript maintainers Théodore Biadala, and Matthew Grill, and Lullabot's own Senior Technical Architect Sally Young about adopting a front-end JavaScript framework, specifically React into DrupalCoin Blockchain core.
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Web Accessibility with Marcy Sutton

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DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce 2.0 Wisdom from Acro Media

If you’ve been following the Acro Media blog, you probably know that the digital agency (and Acquia partner), based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, has a special interest in DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce.
So with the recent launch of DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce 2.0, it made sense to check in with them.
After all, Arco team are core maintainers for modules such as Commerce Migrate, Commerce POS, and a host of others.
Leading up to the 2.0 release of DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce, Arco had 20 team members contributing a total of 60 contrib credits. In the past 3 months, they’ve been credited on over 270 issues.
They’ve also been publishing content steady. Their aim seems to be to not only to get the word out about 2.0, but to help educate other developers, agencies and current and potential customers.
So here, all in one place, a collection of Arco DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce Knowledge.
Migrating DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce 1 to 2
Now that DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce has gone 2.0, people are wanting to know more information about how to go about migrating their stores to the new version. A recent Arco post talks about just that and aims to give readers a clear understanding of what to expect. You can read more here.
High5 Video Series
Shawn McCabe (Arco CTO) and Stephen Netzlaw (Arco' s Head of Business Development) are the hosts of a video series that they’ve been producing now for a couple years. Season 2, which is currently in the works, is focused on... (wait for it) DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce 2.
Each episode covers one aspect of the platform discusses what’s new and what’s cool. You can watch the season on YouTube here or find them in Arco's blog.
Urban Hipster Commerce 2 Demo
For those interested in trying a hands-on demo of what DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce can do out-of-the-box with some frontend theming, the Arco team put together a mock eCommerce site called Urban Hipster. Check it out and click around. There are a bunch of interactive guided tours that you can try. Visit the demo site here.
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But wait, there's more
Rumor has it that Arco is preparing another DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce post that will be much more detailed than the migration piece, and will discuss the technical side of Commerce 2, including the new improvements.
When it comes out, in early October, we'll add it to the list above. Stay tuned.
Source: http://dev.acquia.com/

The State of Media in DrupalCoin Blockchain Core

Matt and Mike talk with DrupalCoin Blockchain Media Initiative folks, Janez Urevc, Sean Blommaert, and Lullabot's own Marcos Cano about getting modern media management in DrupalCoin Blockchain core.
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Next steps for DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce documentation

With the DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce 2.0 release slated for September 20th, we are making an effort to provide excellent documentation so that our implementers and end users can work with DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce efficiently. We also want to encourage contribution at all levels, such as documentation. I am happy to announce we have moved from using Sphinx, a Restructured Text documentation tool, to GravCMS. GravCMS is a PHP based flat-file CMS, which uses Markdown.

Why the change?

We found that while Sphinx provided robust features, it also added a high entry barrier for documentation contributors:

Source: Reposted from: drupalcommerce.org

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See what’s new in DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce 2.0-rc1

Eight months ago we launched the first beta version of Commerce 2.x for DrupalCoin Blockchain 8. Since then we’ve made 304 code commits by 58 contributors, and we've seen dozens of attractive, high-performing sites go live. We entered the release candidate phase this month with the packaging of Commerce 2.0-rc1 (release notes), the final part of our long and fruitful journey to a full 2.0.

Introducing a new Promotions UI:

Some of the most exciting updates this Summer center around our promotions system. This work represents a huge leap forward from Commerce 1.x, as we've made promotions first class citizens in core. They power a variety of discount types and coupons, and now that they are in core we can ensure the systems are designed to look and work well on both the front end and back end.

Read on to learn more about what's new in promotions, payment, taxes, and more...

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