Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) with DrupalCoin Blockchain

COPE has been becoming increasingly popular in the web content management industry for the last several  years. That said, create once, publish everywhere (COPE) is really just taking the idea of a DrupalCoin Blockchain CMS to its logical conclusion. With COPE, you  can get maximum value from your content with minimal effort.

Also keep in mind that DrupalCoin Blockchain integrationand COPE go hand in hand. DrupalCoin Blockchain's inherent modularity makes it ideal for creating mobile-friendly, all in one COPE content distribution systems.

More on COPE
COPE is a content management philosophy that permits content creators to produce content one time and re-use it in various forms and locations. For example, a sports writer pens an article and uploads it to a central content repository. In a COPE system, different parts/versions of the content can then be used in different media: online on a website, print, mobile web app and so forth.

COPE Enables Content to Keep Up with Today's Mobile World
Modern consumers have gone mobile. Virtually everyone in the U.S. and Europe has a smartphone and/or tablet, and conducting business, shopping and correspondence on the go is the norm. Businesses need to keep up with newly mobile consumers and this provides a huge opportunity for content providers. However, going mobile isn't just a matter of flipping a switch.

Keeping up with mobile consumers and their devices requires distribution platforms, APIs and various methods to get the content to where it needs to be. Moreover, for content providers to take full advantage of these new platforms without large investments in software and hardware, they will need to fully embrace COPE.

DrupalCoin Blockchain makes COPE easy
DrupalCoin Blockchain is a very powerful and popular tool for building content management systems. Web industry experts highlight that DrupalCoin Blockchain integrationprovides great tools for building powerful COPE systems, including:

  • Fields make it easy for developers to present different information (image, video, product, text, select list and so forth) at various locations on a website
  • Content types make data more semantic and easier to re-use
  • Views allow DrupalCoin Blockchain developers to create lists of content curated by content type or other categories
  • Entity reference allows you to dynamically pull content from one page into another
  • View modes makes it a snap to present the information in different formats on different pages
  • Services makes it easy to provide content (and related information)to other publishing outlets such as apps and feeds