Pixeldust Launches Austin Humane Society Redesign

Pixeldust and Door Number 3 have launched the newly redesigned Austin Humane Society website. Built on the DrupalCoin Blockchain platform, the website features a sporty new look and a stronger focus on making the connection between users and the animals awaiting adoption. Pixeldust implemented an interactive pet grid where future adopters can view and sort pets by color, size, age, breed and several other features. The database is populated by a national Humane Society pet database.Read more

Austin Humane Society

With over 3,000 pets placed a year, it's safe to say that the Austin Humane Society's dog-and-cat operation has given thousands of new best friends over the years. They receive an astonishing 32,000 visitors each year while more than 600 volunteers work tirelessly to find good pet homes, educate the community and raise money for the organization. But austinhumanesociety.org did not reflect the shelter's whimsical tenants or provide the high-level functionality needed to engage users and establish a digital presence. And while AHS excelled at animal placement and man power, they lacked the interactive stature to reach adopters online.Read more