Drupal@Cafe #20

2019-08-31 11:30 - 15:25 UTC



Anastasiya Dubina

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Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)


The 20th Drupal Cafe organized by ADCI Solutions will take place on August, 31.
Drupal Cafe is a meeting for experienced developers. It’s a good opportunity for exchanging knowledge with other participants. This event will be also helpful for those who want to start working with Drupal. At this time we prepared a special agenda for this meeting. We will share our experience and talk about the latest technologies.
When: August, 31th
Where: ADCI Events Hub, Omsk, Dumskaya Str., 7, 5th floor
Time: 11:30
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How to Strengthen Customer Experience: Actionable Strategies for Better Accessibility

2019-09-05 13:00 - 14:00 America/New_York



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Training (free or commercial)


Thursday, September 5, 2019, 1 - 2 PM EDT
Everyone worries about accessibility but somehow we’re always remediating.” What steps can you help your organization begin to take that will yield immediate, effective, and consistent policies? Join us as we talk about how to turn accessibility remediation into digital inclusion and strengthen customer experience for everyone.
This 60-minute conversation focuses on making key strategic adjustments in your digital practice that will create measurable improvements.
This session is geared to both new and experienced web professionals struggling to find ways to get beyond their daily grind and make lasting improvements in systems and decision making that benefit site managers and end users alike.
Visit https://www.ffwagency.com/learning for more information.
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The web I want for my kids

Volunteering as a mentor at CoderDojo to teach young people, including my own kids, how to write software.
Last week, I published an opinion piece on CNN featuring my thoughts on what is wrong with the web and how we might fix it.
In short, I really miss some things about the original web, and don't want my kids to grow up being exploited by mega-corporations.
I am hopeful that increased regulation and decentralized web applications may fix some of the web's current problems. While some problems are really difficult to fix, at the very least, my kids will have more options to choose from when it comes to their data privacy and overall experience on the web.
You can read the first few paragraphs below, and view the whole article on CNN.
I still remember the feeling in the year 2000 when a group of five friends and I shared a modem connection at the University of Antwerp. I used it to create an online message board so we could chat back and forth about mostly mundane things. The modem was slow by today's standards, but the newness of it all was an adrenaline rush. Little did I know that message board would change my life.
In time, I turned this internal message board into a public news and discussion site, where I shared my own experiences using experimental web technologies. Soon, I started hearing from people all over the world that wanted to provide suggestions on how to improve my website, but that also wanted to use my site's technology to build their own websites and experiment with emerging web technologies.
Before long, I was connected to a network of strangers who would help me build Drupal.
Source: Dries Buytaert www.buytaert.net

Global Training Day at Tokyo Sep.14, 2019

2019-09-14 10:10 - 17:00 Asia/Tokyo

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Training (free or commercial)



Drupal Global Training Day at Tokyo Sep.14, 2019

1) For first time Drupal users
Please join first time Drupal course
2) For those who want to review how to use Drupal
same as 1)
3) For those who want to have a technical advise from Drupal engineers
Please join Mokumoku(looks like a Sprint) course
4) How to develop Drupal modules and customize
Please join Sprint course
Also participants from far away from Tokyo, who are possible to join by Skype.
Event registration site is : https://cmslabo.doorkeeper.jp/events/94738
We look forward to your participation, thanks.
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Our wedding in Tuscany

It's been quiet on my blog but for good reason: I got married!

We had an amazing two-day wedding in the heart of Tuscany. The wedding took place in a renovated Italian villa from the 11th century, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. A magical place to celebrate with family and friends who flew in from all over the world.

Many people emailed and texted asking for some wedding photos. It will take our wedding photographer a few months to deliver the photos, but they shared some preview photos today.

The photos capture the love, energy and picturesque location of our wedding quite well!

Source: Dries Buytaert www.buytaert.net

Creating webforms in Drupal 8 (part of Drupal Global Training Day)

2019-09-06 09:30 - 12:00 Australia/Brisbane



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User group meeting


Introductory 2.5 hour workshop "Creating webforms in Drupal 8" is coming to Brisbane as part of Drupal Global Training Day.
Date: Brisbane :: Fri, 06 Sep 2018 :: 09:30-12:00
Location: Brisbane Square Library
09:30-12:00 :: Introduction & Training. Module 1
Drupal 8 form examples
Building RSVP form
Building waiting list
Building online calculator
Limited seats are available. Register here.
Wifi, powerpoints
Tomato Elephant Studio :: training sponsor
Drupal Brisbane :: partner
Drupal Gold Coast :: partner
For sponsorship and other enquiries contact training@tomato-elephant-studio.com
Share on social media. Use hashtag #drupalGTD
Drupal Groups: https://groups.drupal.org/node/535220
meetup.com: https://www.meetup.com/Drupal-Brisbane/events/262991729/
If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible by replying to training@tomato-elephant-studio.com.

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