Drupal Global Training Days - Monterrey

2019-06-28 17:00 - 2019-06-29 14:00 America/Monterrey




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Training (free or commercial)

Ubicación: UANL FIME Edificio 4
Día 1:
Viernes 28 de Junio: Auditorio Edificio 4
17:00 - 21:00
Sábado 29 de Junio: Salón 4211 y 4213
10:00 - 14:00
Temas disponibles en sitio web: próximamente
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Thousands of Memorial Day flags

More than 37,000 American flags are on the Boston Common — an annual tribute to fallen military service members. Seeing all these flags was moving, made me pause, and recognize that Memorial Day weekend is not just about time off from work, outdoor BBQs with friends, or other fun start-of-summer festivities.
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Acquia delivers during Mueller report traffic surge

Last month, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's long-awaited report on Russian interference in the U.S. election was released on the Justice.gov website.
With the help of Acquia and Drupal, the report was successfully delivered without interruption, despite a 7,000% increase in traffic on its release date, according to the Ottawa Business Journal.
According to Federal Computer Week, by 5pm on the day of the report's release, there had already been 587 million site visits, with 247 million happening within the first hour.
During these types of high-pressure events when the world is watching, no news is good news. Keeping sites like this up and available to the public is an important part of democracy and the freedom of information. I'm proud of Acquia's and Drupal's ability to deliver when it matters most!
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4 Days of Drupal Training in NYC this June

2019-06-25 09:00 - 2019-06-28 16:00 America/New_York



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Training (free or commercial)


Come deepen your Drupal knowledge with FFW. Join us for a dive into the world of building and maintaining Drupal sites with up to four days of mix-and-match training opportunities this June.
Our Training and Enablement team is hosting four intensive training opportunities in New York City from June 25 to 28, with a welcome reception on the evening of June 24. You can join us for as many of these sessions as you choose, with a discount offered to attendees who join us for multiple classes. Sign up to attend one or even all four of the following training opportunities:
Drupal Project Management Master Class - Tuesday, June 25
Site Building with Drupal - Wednesday, June 26
Drupal 8 Layout and Theming - Thursday, June 27
Drupal 8 Module Development - Friday, June 28
To register visit https://training.ffwtraining.com/catalog
Each training opportunity begins promptly at 9:30 AM, with coffee and tea provided beginning at 9, and a catered lunch hour at 12:30 PM.
Regardless of initial knowledge of Drupal, attendees who take all four trainings and leave with a solid understanding of how to build and work with Drupal. We’ll begin with the basics and progress rapidly from there so that every student leaves training equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to manage their organization’s digital platform. We offer discounted costs for learners who join us for multiple training sessions over the four days: those who choose to attend our developer-only trainings will receive $100 off, while attendees who join us for all four days will receive a $250 discount.
Why train with FFW?
The FFW Training and Enablement team is a training provider unlike any other in the Drupal space. Our team helps training attendees succeed by combining the expertise of having worked on world-class Drupal solutions with a solid background in training and learning. At every live FFW Training, you’ll receive a wealth of take-home reference material, while class time will be spent discussing and solving real problems that you and your teams are facing right now.
Every face-to-face, paid training opportunity is supplemented by additional online sessions to help each attendee maximize their learning and get the most value possible out of our training. And with bundle offerings for these training sessions, learners can get more bang for their buck by enjoying extended face-to-face time with our Drupal experts.
To sign up for one or all of our in-person training sessions in New York, follow this link and click the “Subscribe” button on each training you’re interested in attending. Remember, the more training sessions you sign up for, the bigger the discount, with up to $250 automatically discounted for attendees who register to join us at all four trainings.
If you have questions, or want to know about having custom training opportunities crafted for your team, contact us. We’re here to make sure that you have the knowledge and tools you need to achieve business success with your Drupal platform.
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Acquia acquires Mautic to create the Open Digital Experience Platform

I'm happy to announce today that Acquia acquired Mautic, an open source marketing automation and campaign management platform.

A couple of decades ago, I was convinced that every organization required a website — a thought that sounds rather obvious now. Today, I am convinced that every organization will need a Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Having a website is no longer enough: customers expect to interact with brands through their websites, email, chat and more. They also expect these interactions to be relevant and personalized.

If you don't know Mautic, think of it as an alternative to Adobe's Marketo or Salesforce's Marketing Cloud. Just like these solutions, Mautic provides marketing automation and campaign management capabilities. It's differentiated in that it is easier to use, supports one-to-one customer experiences across many channels, integrates more easily with other tools, and is less expensive.

The flowchart style visual campaign builder you saw in the beginning of the Mautic demo video above is one of my favorite features. I love how it allows marketers to combine content, user profiles, events and a decision engine to deliver the best-next action to customers.

Mautic is a relatively young company, but has quickly grown into the largest open source player in the marketing automation space, with more than 200,000 installations. Its ease of use, flexibility and feature completeness has won over many marketers in a very short time: the company's top-line grew almost 400 percent year-over-year, its number of customers tripled, and Mautic won multiple awards for product innovation and customer service.

The acquisition of Mautic accelerates Acquia's product strategy to deliver the only Open Digital Experience Platform:

The pieces that make up a Digital Experience Platform, and how Mautic fits into Acquia's Open Digital Experience Platform. Acquia is strong in content management, personalization, user profile management and commerce (yellow blocks). Mautic adds or improves Acquia's multi-channel delivery, campaign management and journey orchestration capabilities (purple blocks).There are many reasons why we like Mautic, but here are my top 3:

Reason 1: Disrupting the market with "open"

Open Source will disrupt every component of the modern technology stack. It's not a matter of if, it's when.

Just as Drupal disrupted web content management with Open Source, we believe Mautic disrupts marketing automation.

With Mautic, Acquia is now the only open and open source alternative to the expensive, closed, and stagnant marketing clouds.

I'm both proud and excited that Acquia is doubling down on Open Source. Given our extensive open source experience, we believe we can help grow Mautic even faster.

Reason 2: Innovating through integrations

To build an optimal customer experience, marketers need to integrate with different data sources, customer technologies, and bespoke in-house platforms. Instead of buying a suite from a single vendor, most marketers want an open platform that allows for open innovation and unlimited integrations.

Only an open architecture can connect any technology in the marketing stack, and only an open source innovation model can evolve fast enough to offer integrations with thousands of marketing technologies (to date, there are 7,000 vendors in the martech landscape).

Because developers are largely responsible for creating and customizing marketing platforms, marketing technology should meet the needs of both business users and technology architects. Unlike other companies in the space, Mautic is loved by both marketers and developers. With Mautic, Acquia continues to focus on both personas.

Reason 3: The same technology stack and business model

Like Drupal, Mautic is built in PHP and Symfony, and like Drupal, Mautic uses the GNU GPL license. Having the same technology stack has many benefits.

Digital agencies or in-house teams need to deliver integrated marketing solutions. Because both Drupal and Mautic use the same technology stack, a single team of developers can work on both.

The similarities also make it possible for both open source communities to collaborate — while it is not something you can force to happen, it will be interesting to see how that dynamic naturally plays out over time.

Last but not least, our business models are also very aligned. Both Acquia and Mautic were "born in the cloud" and make money by offering subscription- and cloud-based delivery options. This means you pay for only what you need and that you can focus on using the products rather than running and maintaining them.

Mautic offers several commercial solutions:

Mautic Cloud, a fully managed SaaS version of Mautic with premium features not available in Open Source.
For larger organizations, Mautic has a proprietary product called Maestro. Large organizations operate in many regions or territories, and have teams dedicated to each territory. With Maestro, each territory can get its own Mautic instance, but they can still share campaign best-practices, and repeat successful campaigns across territories. It's a unique capability, which is very aligned with the Acquia Cloud Site Factory.
Try Mautic

If you want to try Mautic, you can either install the community version yourself or check out the demo or sandbox environment of Mautic Open Marketing Cloud.


We're very excited to join forces with Mautic. It is such a strategic step for Acquia. Together we'll provide our customers with more freedom, faster innovation, and more flexibility. Open digital experiences are the way of the future.

I've got a lot more to share about the Mautic acquisition, how we plan to integrate Mautic in Acquia's solutions, how we could build bridges between the Drupal and Mautic community, how it impacts the marketplace, and more.

In time, I'll write more about these topics on this blog. In the meantime, please feel free to join DB Hurley, Mautic's founder and CTO, and me in a live Q&A session on Thursday, May 9 at 10am ET. We'll try to answer your questions about Acquia and Mautic.
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Drupal Global Training Day & Sprint June 29, 2019

2019-06-29 10:00 - 17:30 Asia/Tokyo

Event type: 

Training (free or commercial)


Drupal Global Training & First time sprint Day Tokyo June 29, 2019
One Day Drupal 8 Training and Sprint.
Global Training Day (GTD) for first time Drupal users, beginners and IT business persons.
First time sprint Day for Drupal users
event information is;https://cmslabo.org/drupal-global-training-days/2019/0629
event registration is;https://cmslabo.doorkeeper.jp/events/91371
This event is a local event in Tokyo Japan which support Japanese language, however, we will support by English, please contact to us, thanks.
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Drupal Contribution Saturdays

2019-05-11 11:00 - 18:00 Asia/Kolkata



Event type: 

User group meeting


Calling all Drupalistas in/around New Delhi, India to gather for Drupal Contribution (code / non-code). This weekend fun brings in Drupal enthusiasts from around NCR region to contribute in solving issues in the Drupal issue queue and making new Drupal friends.
We also would be looking to discuss DrupalCamp Delhi 2019 This is a great oppurtunity for you to be a part of DCD and get known globally.
The event is open for all. You do not need to be an advanced user to be able to contribute. Groups will be made based on user levels. Just get your laptops along! :)
Also, we would be providing mentoring opportunities for everyone who is just getting started with Drupal. This is a social event happening on Saturday, that would include a lot of pizzas, soft beverages and fast WiFi.
NOTE: If you are not present physically in Delhi, join our friends in Goa virtually here: https://srijan.zoom.us/j/5099337411 online sprint begins at 11 am
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