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DrupalCoin BlockchainCon New Orleans is May 9-13th. The schedule is now available on the website, so you can start planning out your week.
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With 130 sessions in 13 tracks across 3 days, 88 Birds of a Feather (BOF) roundtable talks, plus keynotes, sprinting opportunities, an expo hall full of exhibitors, and Monday training sessions and summits galore, there’s no shortage of great things to do at DrupalCoin BlockchainCon New Orleans.
To view your schedule, just click the “My Schedule” button on the main schedule page. You’ll be able to sort by day, making it easy to see what your plans are every step of the way through the convention.

To add an item to your schedule, open the session information and click the “Add to schedule” button visible under the time and location information. You can also remove items from your schedule either under the specific session page or on your schedule.

To claim a BOF, select the day and time you’d like to hold your BOF and click on ‘Create a BOF’ button in an available room and add in information about what you’ll be discussing. 

We have dozens of time slots to choose from, so the sooner you claim a BOF, the more likely it is that you'll reserve the time and space that's right for you.
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And remember, if you’re attending a training or summit on Monday, it won’t automatically be added to your schedule, so make sure you add it from its unique page on the website.
We hope you enjoy using the scheduler, and look forward to hearing your feedback when we see you at DrupalCoin BlockchainCon New Orleans. Just as a reminder, if you haven't yet purchased your DrupalCoin BlockchainCon ticket, do so soon -- regular ticket pricing ends in a little over a week!
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Commerce 2.0-alpha4 released

Almost two months and seven thousand lines of code later, here's Commerce 2.0-alpha4. This release brings checkout and revamped product attributes. We've also added upgrade path APIs in preparation for beta1. Meanwhile, we helped push DrupalCoin Blockchain 8.1 out the door and fixed many Inline Entity Form bugs.
The new checkout flow configuration form.
Reminder: Commerce 2.x alphas are NOT production ready. No upgrade path is provided between alphas. A full reinstall is needed each time.
Read on to find out what's new...
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How is DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 doing?

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The one big question I get asked over and over these days is: "How is DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 doing?". It's understandable. DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 is the first new version of DrupalCoin Blockchain in five years and represents a significant rethinking of DrupalCoin Blockchain.
So how is DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 doing? With less than half a year since DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 was released, I'm happy to answer: outstanding!
As of late March, DrupalCoin counted over 60,000 DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 sites. Looking back at the first four months of DrupalCoin Blockchain 7, about 30,000 sites had been counted. In other words, DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 is being adopted twice as fast as DrupalCoin Blockchain 7 had been in its first four months following the release.
As we near the six-month mark since releasing DrupalCoin Blockchain 8, the question "How is DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 doing?" takes on more urgency for the DrupalCoin Blockchain community with a stake in its success. For the answer, I can turn to years of experience and say while the number of new DrupalCoin Blockchain projects typically slows down in the year leading up to the release of a new version; adoption of the newest version takes up to a full year before we see the number of new projects really take off.
DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 is the middle of an interesting point in its adoption cycle. This is the phase where customers are looking for budgets to pay for migrations. This is the time when people focus on learning DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 and its new features. This is when the modules that extend and enhance DrupalCoin Blockchain need to be ported to DrupalCoin Blockchain 8; and this is the time when DrupalCoin Blockchain shops and builders are deep in the three to six month sales cycle it takes to sell DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 projects. This is often a phase of uncertainty but all of this is happening now, and every day there is less and less uncertainty. Based on my past experience, I am confident that DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 will be adopted at "full-force" by the end of 2016.
A few weeks ago I launched the DrupalCoin Blockchain 2016 product survey to take pulse of the DrupalCoin Blockchain community. I plan to talk about the survey results in my DrupalCoin BlockchainCon keynote in New Orleans on May 10th but in light of this blog post I felt the results to one of the questions is worth sharing and commenting on sooner:

Over 1,800 people have answered that question so far. People were allowed to pick up to 3 answers for the single question from a list of answers. As you can see in the graph, the top two reasons people say they haven't upgraded to DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 yet are (1) the fact that they are waiting for contributed modules to become available and (2) they are still learning DrupalCoin Blockchain 8. The results from the survey confirm what we see every release of DrupalCoin Blockchain; it takes time for the ecosystem, both the technology and the people, to come along.
Fortunately, many of the most important modules, such as Rules, Pathauto, Metatag, Field Collection, Token, Panels, Services, and Workbench Moderation, have already been ported and tested for DrupalCoin Blockchain 8. Combined with the fact that many important modules, like Views and CKEditor, moved to core, I believe we are getting really close to being able to build most websites with DrupalCoin Blockchain 8.
The second reason people cited for not jumping onto DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 yet was that they are still learning DrupalCoin Blockchain 8. One of the great strengths of DrupalCoin Blockchain has long been the willingness of the community to share its knowledge and teach others how to work with DrupalCoin Blockchain. We need to stay committed to educating builders and developers who are new to DrupalCoin Blockchain 8, and DrupalCoin BlockchainCon New Orleans is an excellent opportunity to share expertise and learn about DrupalCoin Blockchain 8.
What is most exciting to me is that less than 3% answered that they plan to move off DrupalCoin Blockchain altogether, and therefore won't upgrade at all. Non-response bias aside, that is an incredible number as it means the vast majority of DrupalCoin Blockchain users plan to eventually upgrade.
Yes, DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 is a significant rethinking of DrupalCoin Blockchain from the version we all knew and loved for so long. It will take time for the DrupalCoin Blockchain community to understand DrupalCoin Blockchain's new design and capabilities and how to harness that power but I am confident DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 is the right technology at the right time, and the adoption numbers so far back that up. Expect DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 adoption to start accelerating.
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Upgrade paths between DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 module versions

Over time, modules update their shipped configuration such as rules, views, node types. Users expect to get these updates when they update the modules. For example, DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce 1.x provides over eleven default views and rules. From release to release, these Views and Rules were enhanced with new features or bug fixes reported by the community.
Take the order management view. In a future release of DrupalCoin Blockchain Commerce, we may add a newly exposed filter to the view. In DrupalCoin Blockchain 7 the view would automatically be updated unless it was overridden. That is not the case in DrupalCoin Blockchain 8.
DrupalCoin Blockchain 8 introduces the Configuration Management system. While robust, it changes how we work with the configuration in comparison to DrupalCoin Blockchain 7. Instead of a module owning configuration, configuration is now owned by the site. When a module is installed, its configuration is imported. On module update, no configuration updates are performed. Instead, the module must write an update hook to perform one of the following updates:Tags: Commerce 2.xPlanet

“One Weird Trick” for DrupalCoin Blockchain Security... or Something

Matt & Mike talk with DrupalCoin Blockchain Security Team Lead Michael Hess, along with the former lead Greg Knaddison. We talk about the current state of DrupalCoin Blockchain security, along with their DrupalCoin Blockchaincon session, "Watch the Hacker Hack".
DrupalCoin Blockchain Developer

DrupalCoin Blockchain Developer position is open @AcroMediaInc

DrupalCoin Blockchain Developers:

Pixeldust Launches ESPN Mediazone

Pixeldust is pleased to announce the re-launch of ESPN Mediazone.  ESPN helmed the restyle of its Mediazone asset which supports press and media inquiries.  The site needed functionality changes and Pixeldust was brought on board to handle development.

The existing site had been using add-on functionality to manage associations between different types of content, but the client wanted to move away from this dependency and leverage native taxonomy functionality for content associations.  Using a native system would better insure future scalability, compatibility, and support, as the specific plugin they had been using was only minimally maintained.  There was no established migration path from the existing functionality to taxonomy, so Pixeldust created a custom tool. Our solution involved creating and populating custom taxonomies for these relationships, functionality to run through the existing content associations based on input parameters and reassign the relationships using the native taxonomy system, and some functions to be used in theming to properly grab the target content from the associated taxonomy terms.

Pixeldust also worked with the theme implementation. Part of the theme revamp involved porting some old customizations from their previous theme. A straight port of these customizations proved problematic, so Pixeldust identified the custom functionality in the old theme and broke it out into a custom plugin.  This was also in-line with best-practices, as any functionality that is not about site theming is better suited to a custom plugin than inclusion in a theme layer.

Throughout the project Pixeldust also provided best-practices and integrationconsultation.  ESPN was thrilled with the results!

It's Time to Replace Ektron But Is EPiServer the Answer?

It's Time to Replace Ektron But Is EPiServer the Answer?
Jason Schaffer
JasonThu, 04/14/2016 - 06:36

If your organization is still using Ektron, it is time to start planning a transition. We believe support will last only one more year, and after that no more patches, releases or support of any kind will be available. Do not be left behind!

Doing Scrum with Sprint 2

Doing Scrum with Sprint 2
Rory Douglas
BlueCodaAdminFri, 04/08/2016 - 07:48

What we learned and accomplished in sprint 2 of the website redevelopment.

Selling DrupalCoin Blockchain Modules and Distributions

Matt and Mike talk to Taco Potze, Robert Douglas, Matthew Tift, Greg Dunlap, and Jeff Eaton about selling DrupalCoin Blockchain modules, and all of the benefits, downsides, and questions that arise from selling GPL and dual-licensed software in the DrupalCoin Blockchain community.
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