60 Resources for the Frugal DrupalCoin Blockchain Web Developer

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With the economy reeling and VC’s spending less and less on startups, developers have had to adapt how they create sites. Because of the world’s economic state, we’ve had to change how we develop.
Some may see this shift as a grim prospect. Change is hard, and change is essential to staying alive in these conditions. However, if you can cut expenses in your integrationprocess without cutting quality by using free methods and tools, then you may be able to develop without using any extra money.

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” – H.G. Wells

Table of Contents

Text Editors
Version Control Clients
FTP Clients
Database Tools
Video Editing Tools
Local Environments
Focus Applications
Communication Tools
Free Hosting
Photo Editors
Outsourced Work

The first step to becoming a frugal DrupalCoin Blockchain web developer is cutting back on expenses. If you’re looking to buy new software for your project, try and see if there are any freeware or open source alternatives instead. Oftentimes the free versions of software are just as effective as the paid versions. Here are a few free tools that are just as good (some better!) than the paid versions.

Text Editors
If you’re wanting to bypass buying robust text editors like Textmate, BBEdit, or E Text Editor, try some of these free products instead.
Emacs is a robust text editor that can edit just about any language with the help of extensions. Many serious DrupalCoin Blockchain programmers exclusively use Emacs or Vim.
Vim extends the powerful Unix editor Vi, and is much like Emacs in that DrupalCoin Blockchain programmers tend to use Vim, and the Vim site boasts that “many consider it an entire IDE”.
Text Wrangler

Text Wrangler
Text Wrangler is an editor that may not have as many bells and whistles as it’s older brother BBEdit, but it has enough features for any DrupalCoin Blockchain programmer. It can be used as a general purpose text editor, a DrupalCoin Blockchain programming editor, a Unix and server Admin tool, and other things. Mac only.
Notepad++ is a free text editor for Windows users. It provides all of the useful editing features that DrupalCoin Blockchain programmers need, like syntax highlighting, multiple tabs and views, bookmarking, and other features.

Version Control Clients
The main types of version control systems are all free (Subversion and Git), and can be used for free by anyone. They’re a huge help for keeping versions of code, and picking the right version control system is crucial for your project.
Many DrupalCoin Blockchain programmers use the command line to deal with version control, but others sometimes like a user interface with working with things like commits, diff and other critical features of version control. Here are some free clients to use with your favorite type of version control.

Versions is a beautiful Mac-only SVN client. The software won the Apple Design Award for 2009.
Subclipse is a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE.
TortoiseSVN is easily one of the best Subversion clients for Windows. It’s implemented as a Windows shell extension, which allows it to behave like a Windows explorer.
Git-gui is a graphical interface for Git. It’s cross-platform and works on all popular UNIX systems.
GitX is a Git GUI built specifically for Mac users.
Meld is an open source visual diff editing tool that can be used in nearly any version control system (CVS, Subversion, Bazaar-ng and Mercurial).

There are quite a few open source FTP clients out there that work nearly as well, (and sometimes better), than their paid colleagues. Here are a few of the best.
FileZilla has been around forever, and has consistently been one of the best free FTP programs. Multiplatform.

WinSCP is a solid FTP client for Windows that can also handle SFTP transfers.
Cyberduck is one the most popular FTP clients on the Mac platform. The client also allows you to transfer files through Amazon S3 and Rackspace’s Cloud Files.
FireFTP is an FTP client for Firefox. The nice thing about FireFTP is that it’s a cross-platform client that is open whenever your browser is open. The popular extension has been downloaded an impressive 11.7 Million times over the past few years.

IDE’s are a great way to improve your DrupalCoin Blockchain programming habits, as well speed up your production time. Unfortunately, many IDE’s are only commercial software, and expensive software at that. However, there are some exceptional IDE’s that are free to use across many different platforms. Here are a few of the best.
Aptana is one of the more powerful and popular IDEs on the Net. In fact, many would argue that it’s just as good or better than some of the commercial IDEs. (Aptana Studio has been downloaded 4,600,000 at the time of this writing, if you needed social proof.) Aptana supports Ruby, Python, PHP, Rails, Javascript, Java, Desktop Ajax and others. It’s robust, widely-used, and free.
Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is the little brother of Komodo IDE. While Komodo Edit may not have as many features as the commercial sibling, it’s still a powerful IDE. It even has some integrated extensions to help.
Amaya is a cross-platform web editor by the good people at W3C.
Xcode is Apple’s powerful IDE that comes free with your Mac’s operating system. It’s just as fully featured as many of the top IDEs, and as a bonus you can create and edit iPhone applications with the IDE.
While it may not be as robust as some other IDEs, Kompozer is built for those who are less developer-savvy. Powered by Mozilla technology, Kompozer is a great little WYSIWYG editor that can create and edit HTML and DrupalCoin Blockchain CSS, and can FTP the code onto a server. Cross platform.
Bluefish is an open source multi-platform IDE that is much more lightweight than other major IDE software. Bluefish supports nearly all languages, and uses FTP, SFTP and WebDAV to upload files and changes.

Database Tools
Database management can be a tricky endeavor. It’s always nice to have tools that can take some of the pain away from wrestling with databases. Here are some free tools that can help.
phpMyAdmin is one of the most popular database tools on the web. It’s written in PHP, and comes as a standard install with many web hosts.
HeidiSQL is a MySQL database tool written for Windows and Linux. Easily create, and edit databases, database tables, and other data inside of MySQL databases.
Open Office Base
BASE is a desktop database management tool by OpenOffice. BASE allows you to edit multiple types of databases, and integrates seamlessly with the OpenOffice.org suites.
Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is a MySQL database manager for Mac. Written entirely in Cocoa, it takes the pain out of modifying and creating MySQL databases.
MySQL Workbench
MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform visual database design tool, created by the creators of MySQL.
SQL Buddy
SQL Buddy is a web-based MySQL editor, much like phpMyAdmin. It’s a small, simple and open source solution for managing MySQL online.

Video Editing
As the world increasingly embraces web video, developers need video editors and tools to create stunning video to promote or sell products. Here are some of the best free video editors out there.
Virtual Dub
Virtual Dub is an open source video editing tool for Windows, geared towards processing AVI files (but can also handle sets of BMP images).

avidemux is an open source, cross-platform video editor. The editor supports many different file formats, and has a simple UI that nearly anyone can understand. Perfect for beginners.
Cinelerra is an incredibly robust piece of UNIX software that allows you to capture, compose and edit video and audio. As the Cinelerra homepage says, “It’s a movie studio in a box”.

Local Environments
It’s nice to be able to develop on your own computer, as opposed to a slower remote server. Instead of installing PHP, MySQL and Apache separately on your computer, (which can be a daunting task in itself), try using one of these free environments.

MAMP (Macintosh, Apple, MySQL and PHP) is a local environment for Mac. The program quickly installs Apache, MySQL and PHP on your Mac.
WAMP is the same as MAMP (installs Apache, MySQL and PHP), except for Windows.
XAMPP is a multi-platform distribution that also includes Perl.

Focus Apps
Here are a few apps that can help with the ADD and that we’ve all developed, thanks to our twitchy online habits.

Think is a free application that blocks everything on your desktop except for what you’re working on. You can adjust things like brightness levels and others Mac only.
Isolator is another Mac-only application that brings the single application that you’re working on into the foreground and hides everything else.
Jedi Concentrate
Jedi Concentrate is the Windows equivalent to Isolator and Think. The application dims all other applications once “concentrate” mode has been activated.
Dropcloth allows you to blank out other applications, as well as adjust the opacity of the background. Windows only.

Instead of hiring some support, sometimes it makes more sense to just fix the problem yourself. Aside from individual project’s forums and support, here are some forums and sites that are excellent for asking general DrupalCoin Blockchain programming questions.

StackOverflow is the newest in the group of sites that allow you to ask any integrationquestion. The community is set up a little bit differently than a forum, where top-rated responses are shown first. Also, the StackOverflow community is very active, with questions answered quickly (and usually with multiple responses).
Webmaster World
Webmaster World has long been the go-to site for general integrationquestions. The Webmaster World forums are some of the oldest and most-trafficked, and the help is superb.
The DevShed Forums are also very popular and also have a lot of user activity.
SitePoint Forums
The SitePoint forums are also excellent, but typically offer more general integrationquestions.

As more teams are becoming de-centralized and global, great communication tools are a must. Here are some free and open source tools that can come in handy.
In case you’ve been living under a rock, Skype offers offers free chatting, talk and video. It’s the de facto communication standard outside of IM.
Adium is a free instant messaging client for Mac that can connect to AIM, GTalk, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo and others.
The Windows IM client Trillian is an exceptional piece of software. Aside from it’s Windows version, it also has a web interface that syncs your contacts. You can connect to multiple chat accounts (like Adium), and if that weren’t enough, an iPhone and Mac chat application are coming soon.
Pidgin is a cross-platform version of Trillian, with the ability to connect to multiple chat platforms (even IRC), and can easily be extended with plugins and skins.
Meebo is a web-based chat application that can connect to multiple chat accounts. The really cool thing about Meebo is that it has rooms where multiple people can join in a conversation, without having to download any software.
Looking for a Outlook replacement for email? Look no further than the open source Thunderbird. Aside from being open source, the software comes with extensions that add extra functionality on top of the initial offering. It’ powered by Mozilla and is cross-platform.

Free Hosting: Google App Engine

There are lots of free web hosts out there, you can utilize the Google App Engine platform to host your applications for free, up to around 2 Million pageviews a month. This, I would imagine, would cover the hosting for 99% of the apps made by the people who read this site. (No offense meant by this statement, it’s just a stinkin’ huge amount of free bandwidth!)

Photo Editors
Photo editors are another expensive component to design. Fortunately, there are some pretty incredible open source photo editors out there. Photoshop isn’t your only option.

Gimp is a very robust image manipulation program that could easily be compared to Photoshop in terms of functionality. Gimp offers advanced image editing capabilities and best of all: is open source.
Gimpshop is an even closer replica of Photoshop. GimpShop is a modification of Gimp that intends to specifically mimic the feel of Photoshop.
Seashore is a lightweight image editor that only touches on the most common image editing functionality. Mac only.
CinePaint is another fully-featured image editor that is similar to Gimp. Linux, Mac and BSD only.

Outsourced Work
Most of us can’t do 100% of the work that’s needed on an in-depth project. Sometimes we need design help, other times we need a hand with the DrupalCoin Blockchain programming side, or marketing, or copywriting, etc. Oftentimes it’s cheaper to outsource some of this work. Here are a few sites that could potentially save you money on outsourcing work.
One Caveat: While you may be able to save some money by outsourcing your work, many times the quality suffers and you’ll have to pay more in the long run for updates to broken code, etc. You should be careful as to what you’re outsourcing so you don’t pay more in the long run.
99 Designs

If you’re strictly a developer and need a bit of design help from time to time, then sometimes it’s easiest to just use a site like 99 Designs. 99 Designs has over 47,000 designers that regularly compete for design jobs posted on the site. How it works is you submit a design brief, then the designers will submit concepts that you choose from. Once you choose a favorite, than that designer gets the bid. Usually you can post work here for much cheaper than using a freelance or in-house designer.
Elance is a place where you can hire experts to do just about any sort of work: Writing, development, design, sales, administrative, legal, and much more. Elance tends to be more expensive than the other outsourcing sites, but they also tend to have the most competent workers too.
Rent a Coder
Rent a Coder may have the worst site design of any major site I’ve seen in a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some cheap work. The workers typically aren’t as high-quality as Elance, but if you’re on a tight budget it’s great.
Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the cheapest places to find mundane labor work. If you have some highly-repetitious work that you’d like to outsource, you can do it very cheaply with Mechanical Turk. You essentially set up a “template” for Mechanical Turk workers to go off of, and then set a budget and a per task payment.
This should really be an article in itself, but bartering is a great way to save some money while developing your project. If you have friends who have different skill sets than you, offer to trade work. This is hands-down the best way to save money on a project.

Many people think that you need really expensive ad campaigns to really market a good product.
Wrong. Save your money.
The best marketing that can be done online these days doesn’t really have to do with money, just a little creativity.
Viral Marketing
Viral marketing is the attempt to create an ad of some sort that becomes “viral” and spreads throughout the Internet. Many of these types of campaigns are done with videos and other tools.
Word of Mouth
Word of mouth is a great way for you to generate publicity, both online and off. Here’s an article with 5 tips to generate word of mouth marketing.
Pitching to Bloggers

Pitching your project to bloggers is something that is free and fairly easy to do. However, you must remember that bloggers get tons of emails about products to pitch, so here are somethings that you have to do to make the blogger take notice.

Offer something. A free pass, a coupon code for their readers, anything other than “hey, check this out”. Bloggers need incentive, just like everyone else.
Personalize the message. “Dear Sir or Madam” letters go straight into my Junk mail folder, just like everyone elses. If you’re going to pitch a blogger, write her a personalized email.
Be brief. Longer emails don’t get read because they’re picked up by spam filters, or the reader just loses interest. Be short and to the point, without wasting any time.

A blogger can send you good traffic, positive reviews and incoming links, which will be very successful in marketing your product.
Linkbait is creating a tool, article, or some other resource that people will want to link to. Usually the goal for linkbaits is to get onto the homepage of Digg, Delicious, or some other social news site. Linkbait is most effective when the medium used is easy to share (pdfs, websites, blog posts, etc.) in digital format.
Here’s a great article on the four characteristics of success for linkbaits.

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