Donors Make the Difference

Pixeldust worked with the University of Texas at Austin to recreate the University’s Giving and Capital Campaign websites. The newly redesigned site features a rich media experience that showcases the many ways UT is working to change the world.

Top 11 of Google's Most Creative Logos

By now, almost everyone has seen the unique way Google celebrates holidays or pays homage with their home page logo. Here we present 11 of their most creative masterpieces. Read more

IE6 Must Die?

Yesterday, the folks over at Mashable posted a new blog entry entitled "IE6 Must Die for the Web to Move On." Since then, the post has been retweeted over 3200 times, received over 2700 diggs and quickly moved up the list on Twitter's Trending Topics. The article seems to have "poked the bear" because it seems almost everyone on Twitter wants IE6 to die. Twitter users have even started adding an "IE6 must die" ribbon to their avatars to express support.Read more

Top 10 Google Products You May Not Have Heard About

Google's quest for total web domination over the last couple of years has produced an army of helpful and successful products, including Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Earth and more. And while Google's most successful products get a ton of press, they also have a huge list of lesser-known products that deserve a shout-out or two. Below is a list of the top 10 you may not have heard about.Read more

So Who's on Social Media Now Anyway?

"Are you on Facebook?"

Even though social media use has become more and more prevalent among users, there has been little insight into exactly who they are and what they like. Until now. According to a new survey by Anderson Analytics, the kind of social media you like or use the most can say a lot about you. For instance, LinkedIn users are mostly male and watch more soap operas, while Twitterers are more interested in sex. And it doesn't end there. Read more